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  • Jun.18.2021

Start bringing visibility to your systems with Jira Service Management and Insight

Discover how Insight can help you manage assets effectively, troubleshoot incidents quickly, minimize the impact of changes, and streamline the handling of requests.

  • Jun.18.2021
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Better ITSM practices start with a modern asset management

Mindville Insight is now a part of Jira Service Management Cloud Premium and Data Center. It is the asset and configuration management tool you need for high-velocity ITSM. Organizations that use Mindville Insight for their ITSM practices see significant benefits, including shortened resolution times, increased customer satisfaction, and more.

Would you like to unlock collaboration between your dev and operations teams, bring more visibility to your systems, and deliver great service? Join this session to discover how Insight can help you:

  • manage assets effectively.
  • quickly troubleshoot incidents.
  • minimize the impact of changes.
  • streamline the handling of requests.

About the speakers

Erin Collins – Head of ITSM Practice, Valiantys

Erin Collins is the Head of the ITSM Practice at Valiantys. She has spent over 23 years in IT service management across multiple industries, including telecom, banking, and insurance, leading and working with teams and transforming ways of working using ITIL and leveraging DevOps practices to achieve business value. She subscribes to the firm conviction that all teams can benefit from applying lean ITIL principles to their service delivery.

When not wrangling processes and practices, Erin seeks to achieve sourdough bread nerdvana and ambitiously runs the trails of her adopted home in the UK.

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