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Viral adoption of Atlassian tools by a major Swiss bank

A major swiss bank

This bank, which has been in business for over two centuries, is one of Europe's leading independent wealth and asset managers. They have billions of assets under management or custody, with more than 4,000 employees in numerous offices around the world.Its activities range from asset management of institutions and investment funds, to financial services for independent managers, to the management of personal and family wealth.

Confluence and Jira internally promoted by IT teams

Confluence and Jira gained traction because they were the tool the IT teams chose themselves to use. Their Atlassian journey started a few years ago, when one the IT teams independently installed a Confluence instance. The team, limited by their Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution, needed a tool to manage their unstructured content. At the time wikis were just emerging, and Confluence had already distinguished itself with an approach that combined easy collaboration with security. The bank quickly found it was the most adapted tool to meet the needs of its employees.

With the help of Valiantys, a Jira deployment shortly followed to support the team with bug tracking management. The previous solution was based on IBM Lotus Notes, a platform widely used within the company but had limited functionally and was no longer sufficient for the growing needs of the teams.

«There was no initial dialogue for implementing Atlassian tools, both Jira and Confluence were adopted naturally by the teams,» says a representative from the bank.

The Atlassian suite replaced all their in-house tools

Confluence started as an information base for just one IT team, yet today the instance is shared by all IT and business teams, which is equivalent to 3,400 users. Confluence quickly became the bank's source of reliable and legitimate information. The previous tool for Enterprise Content Management was limited to structured information in the form of documents and the processes were cumbersome, but Confluence gave the teams more freedom. This quickly rallied support from all IT users.

Jira came on the scene shortly after Confluence for assigning tickets for project management, quickly proving to be a better solution than their in-house application.

"With a range of features available out-of-the-box and designed specifically for bug tracking, Jira Software immediately offered more value than the solution developed in-house. "

Jira was quickly extended to the Software teams due to its agile features.

Jira was made available to our team during a time when we were developing our competencies in agility, so Jira certainly helped our staff with this transition.

During this time, Green Hopper for Jira (the app has since been integrated into Jira) was very helpful for development teams, as the sprint management allowed teams to improve their development and project planning.

The next team in line to be converted to Atlassian tools was the Service Management department. With the help of Valiantys in 2015, the bank replaced Remedy from BMC with Jira Service Desk.

Remedy was a heavy tool with an outdated user interface. We needed something more modern.

This time, the implementation of Jira Service Desk was a corporate decision - one they were confident in, given their track record with Atlassian and Valiantys. A Valiantys consultant accompanied the team from the beginning of the project to production. Valiantys studied the migration's feasibility along with how Jira Service Desk could work to fit the company's needs. After conducting a Proof of Concept, Remedy was replaced and the Valiantys consultant accompanied the bank in migrating to Jira Service Desk, making sure the team was in the loop during every step of the process. Even today, the same consultant is still the ITSM expert for the company.

Currently, Jira Service Desk is the platform where all change requests, bugs, incidents and IT service requests are sent. Calls to the help desk automatically create a ticket in Jira.

Jira Service Desk is currently our largest Atlassian project, with more than 515,000 tickets, an average of 10,000 incident tickets created per month, 800,000 comments and 660 projects managed in a year and a half of production.

Building on these successes, business teams requested that the IT team expand Jira Software into their departments, and soon the adoption was viral. The company now uses the tool to organize and manage tasks both within and between teams. The solution eliminated paper processes, excess emails and many Excel files while offering better traceability with easier and more efficient tracking.

Users quickly adopted Atlassian tools, as the technology complied to the business needs - not the other way around.

At the request of business teams, the IT team provided customizable forms and processes. Since 2016, the business teams have had their own Jira instance.

The craze for Jira is palpable through the increasing demands for customization by every department. Users are reassured by the stability and robustness of Atlassian products, which reinforces their confidence in the tools.

With almost one hundred licenses and multiple Jira instances, license management became complex and time-consuming. The bank decided to entrust Valiantys with the management of their licenses in 2014, resulting in co-terming and optimization of the overall budget.

Adapting to the banking industry

Whether for business or IT teams, the Atlassian suite allows teams to improve their productivity and efficiency. By improving collaboration - equally within and between teams - employees can spend more time focusing on their core tasks. Traceability over tickets is now possible, making monitoring projects even easier.

Previously the company used a tool that was developed in-house, so they immediately benefitted from how their Atlassian tools were dynamic and flexible. Whatever their service needs, they rely on Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Confluence to get the job done.

As a win for the decision makers, they are pleased with the low cost of implementing business processes with Jira, especially in comparison to the costs of implementing competing business process management solutions.

As a result, the IT department increased their ability to meet the needs of each individual team. They collaborate regularly with a Valiantys consultant - who is integrated into their internal team - allowing the company to fully exploit the power of Atlassian tools while adapting them to the specificities required throughout the company.

What's next?

The IT team continues to improvement their Service Management and facilitate the adoption of Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk by business teams. They are currently evaluating how to use Jira Software for Test Management using Xray, an Atlassian Marketplace app.