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Atlassian certification preparation – Jira administration

Being Atlassian certified means enhanced credibility and faster performance as a Jira administrator. It is the surest way to define yourself as a top performer in the Atlassian ecosystem and invest in your professional development.

However, this exam is not for the faint of heart - you'll need to be able to know Jira's capabilities and limitations in fine detail and apply specific use cases. You'll need to answer 65% of the questions correctly in order to pass.

If you're hesitant about your ability to succeed - or simply want to get a clean, advanced training around the best practices with Jira - and wish to be coached by a certified and experienced Jira administrator, then this is your class!


3 days

Available formats

Public or private class, on-site

Course code


Attendees profile

  • People interested in taking the ACP-JA certification exam (Jira Administrator)
  • People interested in reviewing the state-of-the-art best practices of advanced Jira administration


  • Two to three years of experience as a Jira administrator
  • Previous exposure to both business use cases and development use cases is strongly advised


  • Reviewing all topics addressed during the exams
  • Minimizing the risk of failing the exam
  • Reviewing how to react to various use cases and best practices
  • Getting exposure to a mock exam, with questions 'in the style of'

Course outline

Day 1: what the test aims at assessing

  • What Jira administrators are supposed to master and what does not belong to their role
  • Layout, design and user communication
  • User and group management
  • Project configuration
  • Security and permissions
  • Issue types, fields and screens
  • Workflows
  • Email
  • Moving or archiving individual projects
  • Global settings and integrations
  • Application administration
  • Extending Jira
  • Advanced user features

Day 2: study of use cases and good practices

Configuration and administration exercises will be conducted around two to four case studies, selected by the trainer.

Day 3: mock exam and correction

  • Q&A
  • Three-hour long mock exam
  • Corrections
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