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  • Jan.12.2016

2016: The year ahead for Valiantys

  • Jan.12.2016
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In part two of our annual wrap-up, we chat with CEO Francois Dussurget to find out what’s on the cards for the year ahead for Valiantys and the wider Atlassian ecosystem.

Tell us, Francois, what’s in store for Team Valiantys in 2016?

I am feeling hugely positive about the year ahead.

2016 is set to be a great year for Valiantys. For starters, this year marks our tenth birthday – our biggest milestone yet – so we’re currently pulling together plans for a big celebration. The last year has been a huge period of growth for us, and we’re looking forward to bringing everyone together and celebrating our achievements as a team.

Speaking of the Valiantys team, this year we’ll be rolling out an extensive hiring plan to bolster our growth. Bringing the best possible talent into the team is hugely important to us as we continue to grow, so we’ll be devoting lots of effort to finding the right people who embody our ethos and values. 

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

Everything… I think this year is going to be a hugely exciting year – and another crazy one, too!

I mentioned last week that 2015 saw us continue to work with customers on a local level, but on projects with more of a global reach. This is something we’re hoping to see continue in 2016.

In fact, a major focus for us this year is to grow our activities and presence in EMEA and North America. We’re really excited about this, and are hoping our strategic alliance with Appfire will help spearhead these efforts.

How do you anticipate the business evolving in 2016?

Well for starters we’ll be continuing to scale. As well as keeping pace with Atlassian’s rapid growth, we need to be confident that we can properly service our growing customer base, too. This is something our hiring plan is a big part of.

But overall, 2016 will see an evolution towards services and enterprise. We’ve been moving closer to this in the past year, but expect it to become a core part of our business moving forward.

This means that we’ll be running Atlassian tools across entire enterprises, not solely for software development teams. So we’ll be helping clients to manage service delivery across various business departments like HR, marketing, procurement or quality control.

We’re really excited to be at a stage where we can confidently offer solutions for multiple departments within businesses, and are looking to really grow this aspect of the business in the coming months.

What one evolution would you like to see in the Atlasssian product portfolio this year?

This is a difficult one – I think I’d have to say Atlassian’s hosting solution. We’re expecting Atlassian to address cloud-based hosting requirements next year, and this is definitely a good thing!

What one major achievement have you earmarked for the Valiantys team in 2016?

Now this one isn’t quite as difficult –  my major goal for Valiantys this year is is to become widely considered as the experts in addressing issues for specific business teams, as well as for software development teams. It’s as simple as that!

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