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  • Feb.20.2014

JIRA and Salesforce users share automatically using CRM Plugin

  • Feb.20.2014
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Software productivity tools are a boon — except when two systems won’t play together. In this article, we are delighted to welcome our partner Go2Group to tell you a story about their add-on : CRM Plugin for JIRA . 

Kathryn Allison, Engineering Program Manager for SumTotal Systems, LLC had a problem. The customer support team was happy with their CRM system (it was Salesforce but this story just as easily applies to SugarCRM). Meanwhile, their engineering teams were happily using JIRA to track bugs and feature requests.

But when customer issues required software development, it began an ugly manual operation. Kathryn explains, “We were depending on email and spreadsheets to pass issues to engineering. When engineering had a question, it was another email. Status requests? Email. Priority changes? More email!! It was hard to track what was most recent and who owned each issue.”

There had to be a better way.

Automatic sync: no effort, no errors!

SumTotal Systems found Go2Group’s CRM Plugin for JIRA. The plugin automatically syncs CRM systems and JIRA.

The support staff keeps customer cases the way they always have, in Salesforce. When they need to involve engineering in a support case, they no longer turn to email — they just fill in a few required fields and click one button! A JIRA ticket, automatically populated with the right information, is generated.

Meanwhile, the engineering groups work in JIRA exclusively and can act on the ticket, ask questions, and see background information.

“In addition to being efficient, it saves us a fortune on CRM fees because engineering users don’t need CRM licenses anymore,” Kathryn says.


Andrew Laden, a Systems Architect for Novus, in New York, found the CRM Plugin when they were facing a similar problem. “We compared two solutions and found the Go2Group CRM Plugin to be much easier to set up and more feature-rich.”

“We have a lot of customization in our CRM implementation,” Andrew says. “It was very easy to configure the plug-in to match JIRA and Salesforce data.”

The CRM Plugin eliminates the complexity commonly associated with data synchronization. “The plugin is very intuitive and user-friendly,” Kathryn says. “It’s easy to set up custom rules to synchronize custom fields.”

Go2Group has evolved the product over the years to meet new customer requirements, so it handles every imaginable special case. Kathryn and Andrew both commented on how quickly Go2Group responds to custom needs and feature requests, often the same day.

Bidirectional automatic sync: it just works!

CRM Plugin syncs in both directions. Andrew explains, “We wanted to map feature requests and bugs captured in JIRA over to Salesforce, so we could see which clients and service reps are affected. We also wanted sales and service teams working in Salesforce to see which JIRA issues affect a client. The CRM Plugin handles both.”

The CRM Plugin works with Salesforce and SugarCRM.

Try CRM plugin for JIRA

Customers love how effortlessly and flawlessly the plugin works. Sales and customers work in the CRM system they know, and support and development teams work in JIRA. All the data is where it should be.

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