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  • Apr.5.2023

How To Choose the Right Migration Strategy for Your Business

  • Apr.5.2023
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In theory, moving to the cloud is simple: but in practice, it involves a lot of difficult prioritisation. The right strategy will consider your desired outcomes and goals, while also accommodating your pressing needs. Balancing wants and needs can be challenging for business leaders with competing priorities, which is why this process often needs to be facilitated by experts with a neutral standpoint.

Experienced Atlassian Solution Partners can help you define a high level strategy and then tailor an Atlassian Cloud solution based on your organization’s particular needs, company resources, and timelines. Partners like Valiantys can guide you through the prioritisation process and help you weigh up the pros and cons of the most appealing strategies. We can also help you choose, plan, and execute a migration approach for a smooth transition while maximizing ROI.

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Determining the Right Strategy for Your Cloud Migration

Most client migration strategies fall under a few basic categories. The main strategies are discussed below.


This method builds a new environment from the ground up, freeing you from the constraints of old architecture. It’s not a true migration, since the company is starting fresh without relying on legacy standards or importing data and workflows from an existing system.

For example, a company might use this method if they’re looking to implement brand new workflows without worrying about old processes while leveraging Atlassian Cloud’s improved feature set and security capabilities.

Lift and Shift

A lift and shift migration is about replicating the existing on-premise infrastructure and I architecture as-is to benefit from the scalability and cost savings that come with cloud computing. This strategy works best for companies that need to migrate quickly and is best suited for simpler datasets or fewer apps.

For instance, a business might opt for a lift and shift strategy when there’s a requirement that everything remains “as is” in the Cloud and there’s no need to clean-up or review processes.

Clean-Up and Shift

Clean-up and shift combines elements of both lift and shift and greenfield migrations. Companies first clean up their environment by removing any unnecessary or redundant infrastructure and data. Then, they optimize or combine the remaining parts. Finally, the cleaned-up data is shifted to the new data center or Atlassian Cloud platform. This typically results in consolidation. In other words, there’s less data and fewer applications or instances of the same application being used.

Companies use a clean-up and shift strategy when they want to streamline their existing application or system before migrating or wish to ensure that their software and environment comply with any regulations and standards that the new infrastructure requires. Additionally, this method is often used by organizations that simply want a more performant and efficient set-up capable of being easily scaled up.


A transformational strategy is a high-level plan for re-engineering on-premise and co-located application workloads and data during migration. This technique involves identifying the most critical workloads, determining the best way to migrate them, creating a pilot, testing it, and ensuring cloud adoption and implementation go well. Atlassian Cloud transformation leverages modern technology to help businesses improve collaboration, remove silos, quickly scale up, and ultimately increase their bottom line.

This strategy is common among companies making thorough and systematic changes to their existing environment. The approach helps them optimize their Cloud migration and remain current with new technologies and best practices.


Embarking on the right Atlassian Cloud migration strategy can significantly improve your time to delivery, and enhance collaboration and innovation, resulting in an increased ROI(Return of Investment) at the end of the process. To maximize these benefits and ensure a successful Cloud migration journey, plan ahead and choose the right Atlassian Solutions Partner.

Curious about which scenario fits your business best? Contact Valiantys for the expert insight that can make your Cloud migration seamless.

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