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Atlassian 2012 Year in Review


We usually start each year by listing all our good resolutions; this principle doesn’t exclude JIRA administrators. But before this, we want to look back on the past year, which has been rich in news:

  • In March, Atlassian organized its first European event in London, Frankfurt and Paris: Atlassian Unite. This was a great occasion to meet with Atlassian team members and chat with other users about your issues.
  • It was during this event that Atlassian announced the release of JIRA 5.0, a brand new version focused on sharing and the improvement of its internal API.
  • The JIRA 5.0 release was also the occasion for Atlassian to announce its new Enterprise offer for its most demanding customers; including 24×7 support.
  • Valiantys participated like each year to the Atlascamp, the unavoidable meetup of Atlassian developers which takes place in Germany.
  • In April, Confluence 4.2 was released, with its new editor, now essential to every Confluence user.
  • In May, Valiantys was once again present as a sponsor of Atlassian Summit, the main Atlassian event in San Francisco.
  • JIRA 5.1 was available in July, only 3 months before its predecessor. It included long awaited performance improvement and inline editing feature.
  • Atlassian Marketplace was released, providing an easy way to download, test and purchase plugins.
  • Throughout the year, plugins were also evolving. We saw the arrival of new features in a lot of popular plugins: Tempo 7, nFeed (replacing SQLFeed), Exocet (replacing LNIO), GreenHopper 6, Team Calendar 3, Zephyr, VertygoSLA… Atlassian also released some new useful (and free!) plugins: JIRA Mobile Connect, JIRA Issue Collector, JIRA Admin Helper
  • In September, Confluence 4.3 was released, adding several new features to the production, such as the Workbox.
  • JIRA 5.2 was released in november, being the third major JIRA release since the beginning of the year. It contains a brand new issue navigator.

In short, the year was rich in news, and you could have followed it through our blog. 2013 seems to follow the same path. Here is glimpse of what will be going on:

  • A rewrite of the JIRA 6 and Confluence 5 interface already available on EAP (Early Access Program). OnDemand users are already familiar with this new user interface.
  • New versions of our products: VertygoSLA, nFeed et Exocet.
  • Another Atlassian Summit, which will take place in October.
  • Stay tuned for more news!
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