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  • Aug.18.2021

Valiantys is awarded the Cloud Specialization Badge by Atlassian

  • Aug.18.2021
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Wednesday 18 August 2021 Boston, USA, and Paris, France – Valiantys, a leading global Atlassian consulting and services firm, announced today that it was awarded the Cloud Specialization Badge. Valiantys is one of a very select group of partners worldwide who has met Atlassian’s rigorous requirements. The badge is recognition of the capabilities Valiantys demonstrates in migrating operations and supporting enterprise-level use cases across the Atlassian cloud platform on a global scale.

“We are delighted to be receiving the Cloud Specialization Badge from Atlassian”, said Lucas Dussurget, CEO at Valiantys. “With several successful Cloud deployments under our belt, this new specialization is a testament to the caliber and talent of the Valiantys team. We’re looking forward to helping more of our customers make their Agile transformation and Cloud Migration a success.”


Atlassian Cloud Specialized Badge


Cloud accelerates Enterprise Agile transformation

The reliance on Cloud Services to support remote and dispersed working scenarios, while maintaining business continuity, is seen as critical for organizations as they develop a need for the flexibility and efficiencies that it provides. Defining a cloud migration strategy is widely considered to be at the top of every CIO’s list of priorities and even more so in recent times, where shifts in the market and uncertainty have become the business norm.

Valiantys accelerates its world-class clients’ digital transformation, enabling them to scale faster and to do so more affordably. Cloud’s many benefits include improved speed and performance, increased team productivity, reduced system downtime, leading to increased profits and lower costs, while providing clients and employees with the always-on services they expect.

“Atlassian welcomes Valiantys to the elite list of partners who have been awarded the Cloud Specialization Badge”, said Ko Mistry, Head of Global Channels at Atlassian. “This achievement reflects a significant investment of time and resources and highlights a level of commitment appreciated and welcomed by Atlassian and customers.”

Valiantys offers an end-to-end approach to Agile transformations and enterprise-level Cloud migrations, providing expertise and consulting on technology, Agile processes and tools, and executing changes with impact to deliver true value where it matters most for our clients.

About Valiantys

Valiantys is the leading global consulting and services firm dedicated to Atlassian. We accelerate business transformation by digitizing processes and modernizing teamwork, using the best Agile methods and tools. Our Atlassian technical expertise is unparalleled and we support our customers across the entire spectrum of their projects on those platforms. As a recognized Specialized Partner, we help organizations accelerate time to value with Agile at scale, cloud, and ITSM implementations. Because teamwork requires more than just tools, we help bridge the gap between applications and strategic practices such as SAFe® and ITIL. Over the last 15 years, we have helped more than 5,000 customers achieve their desired business outcomes at a reduced time to value, through improved team collaboration.

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