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  • Feb.5.2021

4 reasons why your business needs a chatbot within Jira Service Management

  • Feb.5.2021
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Chatbots are conversational programs capable of performing tasks on behalf of an end-user. Very trendy in B2C, they are being used more and more internally in companies, particularly to streamline IT processes. At Valiantys, we really like the Vizir ChatBot for Jira Service Management. So we invited Vizir to talk about it here. Discover in this article 4 reasons why your business needs a chatbot within Jira Service Management.

1) Unify the interfaces

According to an Okta report, the average number of applications managed by a company’s IT department is 129 in 2018, increasing by 65% in 3 years. The more time passes, the more applications a company’s employees have to use. Inevitably, this leads to an increase in requests for assistance and double data entry (copy and paste).

Creating a smart chatbot connected through API with all your applications (Jira, Confluence, Trello, Sharepoint, Salesforce,…) makes life easier for your employees. No more need to remember whether the documentation is on Confluence or Sharepoint. We discuss with the chatbot on Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, or Slack, redirecting us to the right procedure.

Vizir Jira Service Management

2) Increase the proportion of tickets created online

One of the main challenges for ITSM teams in 2021 is to become even more involved in a shift-left approach, i.e., an approach that makes users more autonomous, freeing useful time for support teams. In concrete terms, the objective is to increase the proportion of tickets created online vs. those created by phone.

Jira Service Management’s online ticket creation portal is the best on the market (we have tested them all). Setting up a chatbot to create tickets in Jira Service Management takes it even further.

The benefit of chatbots is that they can be placed in the internal messaging systems of companies. Your company probably uses Teams, Google Chat or Slack. These platforms allow you to pin the chatbot to the left of the application for all your employees. You can also add a welcome message.

Thanks to these tips, our customers have increased their online ticket creation rate from 10 to 20% over the year 2020.

chatbot Teams

3) Automate processes to avoid double entries

We have seen that your company is using more and more tools. And these tools are not always perfectly interfaced via beautiful REST APIs 😑.

Jira, and all Atlassian tools by nature, are the best tools on the market in terms of APIs (i.e., API-first tools). This means that everything you can do via the administration of Jira tools is available in REST API. For example, a third-party tool (such as a chatbot created on Vizir) can therefore perform tasks on the entire Atlassian suite.

If you use a chatbot tool also API-first, then an infinite horizon of possibilities emerges 😋.

First, you will be able to automate tasks within the Jira suite.

For example: when a ticket is created via the chatbot, then check the tickets opened by the same user in Jira Service Management, compare the titles of the tickets. If a similar ticket comes out with a confidence level of more than 80%, offer the user to comment on this first ticket; otherwise, create a new ticket. Simultaneously, add a map in Trello on the board of the concerned team.

You will also be able to automate tasks between all your business applications. Let’s take the example above. Let’s say that for reporting purposes, you want to fill in an excel with the date of the ticket, the subject, etc.,… All you have to do is add an Excel 365 workflow API, and you’re done!

4) Make sure your users read your communications

As you already know, your users don’t always read their emails...

What you want to avoid at all costs are tickets created due to a release, similar tickets, duplicate tickets, or ticket reminders. Often these are due to miscommunication or the fact that your notification emails get lost in the mass.

A chatbot connected to Jira Service Management will be able to notify users about the status of their ticket directly in Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, or Slack.

All events set up in Jira will be eligible for chatbot notifications. You will also be able to send a notification to all users to announce maintenance, a new release, or a generalized bug that has been identified.

A message sent via instant messaging is read 90% of the time; email in 20% of the cases. The math is good!

Thomas Maitre, founder of Vizir, wrote this article. Discover the chatbot in action in this video.

Improve and modernize your ITSM

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