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  • Jun.15.2017

Meet our Software Development Manager Superhero

  • Jun.15.2017
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Like a rare Pokemon, our Software Development Manager Christophe was hard to catch! But I was able to lure him in with jokes and cool use cases of different Marketplace add-ons. After some intense questioning, I was able to find out what makes this Valiantys superhero tick.

Who is Christophe?

If Christophe had a superpower, it would be x-ray vision – he can look at a problem or technology and quickly figure out how it works. He jokes that he could have been a doctor, but he prefers to tweak and restart machines rather than living people. At Valiantys, he uses his detective skills, knowledge of technology and indomitable will to create the leading add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

When Christophe first joined the team, there were less than ten employees at Valiantys and only three add-ons! He split his time between development and consulting (do you remember Jérémie, our superhero consultant?). Yet thanks to his great ability to render technical and complex concepts as easy as child’s play, he rapidly became vital to the team and has taken on the responsibility of software architect.

He now manages Valiantys Software – ensuring product quality and development performance while still leaving sufficient room for creativity.

A typical day for our Software Development Manager

Together as a team, the developers at Valiantys create better ways to query external data from any datasource and create Confluence pages linked to JIRA issues.

Christophe shares his time between R&D, working on technical studies, considering the various possibilities for production and emergency management. He does his best to provide concrete solutions for the team and advise them on technical choices.

He is the hero we need to improve processes, save time, integrate new technologies while watching over consistency.

The reality of a hero’s work

Christophe’s arch enemy are meetings that drone on for too long (but to be fair, he’s probably not the only one feeling this way). Yet his superhero role is the most rewarding when he can rack his brain over problems and succeed in finding the most elegant solutions! Likewise, part of his job is to read a lot of technical documentation – he simply learns ALL THE TIME!

His advice to junior developers

A developer is a solver. Beyond creativity, tenacity and curiosity, a developer must have a strong willpower! Whether it’s a matter of budget or a technical issue, a developer must always find an alternative solution when he gets stuck.

To put in different words: Why do developers fall? So they can learn to pick themselves up.

Join the Justice League!

If you’re looking for a fun yet successful team to join, Valiantys is hiring! Click below to see our available positions and get in touch if you think you are the superhero for us!

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