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Our values: Share and Take Part

At Valiantys, our values have always been the cornerstone of our character. We’ve never tried to be successful through a hard marketing approach, but rather we have simply tried to truly understand who we are at our core and communicate these values to everyone. Our ideals are what inspires Valiantys at every level of our company.

Share and Take Part is one of our five core values. Before Valiantys was founded, Alexandre (my co-founder) and I worked in a company where we regularly observed that employees didn’t know each other, had little connection to their company and know-how was restricted to either individuals or small groups. This led to a loss in efficiency and value, as the lack of knowledge sharing created the tendency to constantly reinvent the wheel.

At Valiantys we have a culture of sharing and collaboration.  One axis of this model is the establishment of a knowledge base at the global level. We’ve named our knowledge base Codex (after the Codex Leicester, a book by Leonardo da Vinci) and it is built from Atlassian’s solution Confluence. We provide top-of-the-line consulting on this solution for our customers, as we use Confluence intensely in our daily work and know the product inside and out. In the Codex – accessible to everyone – anyone can create and share content. We can find within Codex key information on subsidiaries, organisational charts, staff gallery, the history of Valiantys and even the company’s strategy. This internal collaboration tool allows us to share knowledge on our offers, our information systems, how a client’s project is developing, send standard communications, follow the organisation of a marketing event or even keep track of our minutes for meetings.

Share and Take Part is a value that shows itself in other areas of Valiantys’ life. For example, every two months we organise a General Update Meeting (GUM) in every office. The objective is to share monthly results with all our employees and inform them of  important news regarding our partnerships. Internally, we also use the GUM as an opportunity to discuss internal processes, introduce new employees and announce new projects. Share and Take Part is also reflected informally in the lunches that we eat together. For us, it is important that every office has a kitchen and table because lunch is an opportunity for friendly exchanges.

Share and Take Part is also our commitment to enriching the collaboration with our customers. Our Enterprise Day conferences in Paris, London and Lausanne along with our regular workshops are the ideal environments for sharing our experiences and best practices. What’s more, these opportunities provide the space to allow our clients to share with each other their respective experiences on a peer level.

Share and Take Part is the recent launching Caring for Change, our charity project based on the Pledge 1% programme. In a nutshell, Pledge 1% asks companies to donate 1% of their time, money, and product towards the betterment of their communities. This initiative empowers our employees to get involved in all types of charitable projects around the theme of education. We want to inspire our colleagues by supporting their respective initiatives and encouraging other businesses to develop the same type of programme.

This culture of exchange and openness is an integral part of the Atlassian ecosystem. To stay in touch, you can follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn. We also publish our monthly newsletter which contains our blog posts relating to our expert experience and best practices concerning the implementation of Atlassian tools.

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