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JFrog: A new partner for Valiantys

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the launching of our partnership with JFrog, who are the editors of Artifactory, Bintray, Mission Control and Xray. Many of our clients are already familiar with JFrog through Artifactory, a universal Artifact Repository Manager.

Why JFrog you may ask?

For over 10 years, Valiantys has chosen to focus its efforts around Atlassian products – allowing us to be recognised as one of the leading international players in this niche market. This strategic positioning facilitated the development of a solid expertise which became the foundation for our comprehensive and mature services.

Our services are based on an adapted and proven methodology, tried and tested on numerous clients. In effect, we’ve developed significant experience when it comes to deploying tools for our customers who have various profiles and often have pronounced requirements and constraints.

Given our strengths, we aspire to accompany our existing customers even further by proposing new solutions. Naturally the next step we took was to start thinking about new partners. However, for us it is evident that this new collaboration should resonate with the strategic partnership we already have with Atlassian. Valiantys’ objective is to maintain a coherent service principally focused on Atlassian tools, yet be able to differentiate ourselves with relevant extensions. However, the application of this concept is less straightforward than the theory.

Today, the scope of Atlassian software is very broad with solutions relevant to many different industries. Products such as JIRA or Confluence are used by business teams, IT teams and development teams alike. The latter were Atlassian’s initial target users, and remains a significant base today. This target audience represents a source of business and interest which is still strong at both Atlassian and Valiantys. The software development processes – and the DevOps approach – are subjects we’ve always been passionate about. So it is logical to seek a partner in these domains, and we’re pleased at the direction this has taken Valiantys.

JFrog is a major player in the world of software development and DevOps, with more than 60,000 installations and millions of users. Prestigious companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Cisco, Oracle, VMware and Amadeus use their products in critical contexts.

JFrog also has a strong presence in the Atlassian community due to the technical integrations with Bamboo and Crowd.

Furthermore, we became convinced of the synergy between JFrog’s and Valiantys’ respective missions, as their economic model is similar to Atlassian and they have the desire to develop a small community of partners who could provide expert consulting to clients. We’re honoured that Valiantys has become one of the first JFrog partners in the world. We are working on our service offers which will debut shortly and sit alongside our Atlassian services. It will focus on two activities: product licensing and support in the deployment and customisation for the client’s chosen solution. The latter will include trainings, installing customised solutions and implementing a deployment on an architecture which requires a high availability.

Our entire team is very enthusiastic for the launch of this partnership as there are many great prospects in front of us. We are confident in this strategic choice as it is legitimate and consistent with our current activities.

Our commercial and pre-sales teams are of course at your disposal to talk to you in more detail about this partnership and demo the products. Webinars are in preparation and will soon be added to our current calendar. If you want to stay in the loop as to how our JFrog services will unfold, sign up to our newsletter below.

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