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  • Sep.13.2016

The Valiantys corporate culture

  • Sep.13.2016
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Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” This quote perfectly encapsulates our corporate culture goals here at Valiantys.

Why talk about corporate culture?

Before starting at Valiantys, my professional experience had focused solely on the financial side of the business world. But the idea of money being all isn’t quite right, and working with Valiantys has proven it to me.

Why? Because the human aspect of any business is at least as important as the financial aspect, because without man there is no business! Let’s look at the facts…

The Valiantys corporate culture

Whether you’re a customer, a supplier or an employee, at Valiantys people are people, and all are equal. We’re all about narrowing the hierarchies in order to be more Agile and collaborative in the work we deliver to our customers. And of course, even the tools we use are collaborative! And while growth is a key aim at Valiantys, this growth isn’t a barrier to building a different way of thinking in the business world.

The Valiantys corporate spirit is focused on five key axis:

  • Talk straight
  • Never stand still
  • Be mindful of what matters
  • Make every interaction remarkable
  • Share and take part

These values play an integral role in everything we do at Valiantys, and without this culture, we might not be a leader we are today. Our openness and transparency, along with the opportunity to say what you think and have input, have been driving factors behind our growth – as well as employee engagement and retention.


Corporate culture as a strategic tool

Nowadays whatever your market or offer, you always have a direct or non-direct competitor with an equivalent offer at an equivalent price. So how you can be different? How you can add value to your offer for customers?

I am truly convinced that the key to being a market leader depends on your employees, and even more in the ethos of the company providing the service. A good corporate culture will empower each employee to do the best for their company. Why is this important? Because motivated employees are more:

  • Productive
  • Happy at work
  • Aware of the company environment
  • Loyal

And if employees are motivated and happy in their work, they will be:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Eager to learn more
  • Customer-oriented
  • More willing to adapt to business change

Finally, a positive corporate culture allows a business to really show off the differences between itself and its competitors. The corporate culture releases the potential within a team because your teammates will be more efficient, and they will give the best. Moreover, a corporate culture is (most of the time, at least) impossible to copy – it’s a unique point of difference that your competitors aren’t privy to.

I’ll close this blog on one final note – and it’s probably the most important one:

“If you want an inimitable corporate culture, it must be look like you, because you are unique.”

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