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75 reasons to make Valiantys your Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you read a listicle with 75 bullet points. Rather, we’re proud to announce our team of consultants recently passed their 75th Atlassian certification exam!

Successfully passing these exams is a critical aspect for Valiantys. In a nutshell, they are proof of our consultants’ expertise with Atlassian tools and safeguards our position as a Platinum Solution Partner. Let’s take a closer look at what this really means and why working with Valiantys for your Atlassian needs is a safe, pragmatic bet for your business.

Why are there Atlassian Solution Partners?

Atlassian focuses primarily on research, development and support of their products. They don’t do much in terms of individual client work. Because of this business model, they rely on a network of Solution Partners who act as service providers around their tools and solutions.

Valiantys is not just a face in the crowd; as a Platinum Solution Partner, we’re in the top tier. Atlassian has three levels in their partnership program: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of these levels comes with increasingly more requirements that need to be met, namely there is a minimum number of Atlassian professional certifications they need to acquire. For each region where they function, Silver Solution Partners need 2 certifications, Gold Solution Partners need 8 certifications, and Platinum Solution Partners need 16 certifications.

Valiantys now has 75 professional certifications from Atlassian.

As a team, our Atlassian consultants have met and surpassed the highest training criteria and put their knowledge to use on a daily basis with our customers. They’ve individually put in an enormous amount of energy into their continuous training.

What do these Atlassian certifications entail?

Previously, there was no formal way to identify experts of Atlassian products. Atlassian Solution Partners used to be ordered alphabetically on the Atlassian website (as Valiantys starts with a V, this was not ideal for us – especially considering the work we put into training our consultants to be the leaders in the field). A couple of years ago, Atlassian introduced certification exams to set a new standard to clearly define what it means to be an individual Jira or Confluence expert along with rank Solution Partners in a more meaningful way.

As of today, there are six certification exams:

  • Jira administration
  • Jira project administration
  • Agile development with Jira Software
  • Jira Service Desk administration
  • Confluence administration
  • Atlassian system administration

These exams are tough – some of our top consultants didn’t pass their exam on the first try. Certification tests are targeted towards people who have at least two to three years of experience administering Jira or Confluence, who know the ins and outs of these tools, and can interpret and translate business requirements. Being certified means you can keep Jira, Confluence and Atlassian systems healthy because you know how one choice could affect performance, scalability and day-to-day manageability. It means you’re the go-to person when it comes to workflows, schemes and other features available. The use cases you’ve encountered are diverse, so you know how to install, configure, upgrade and troubleshoot.

Did we mention already that we now have 75 of these certifications? Yes, we know we are bragging a bit, but we’re very proud of our consultants.

What do Valiantys’ consultants do which sets them apart?

Most of our consultants wear several hats; they’re experts for several Atlassian tools and linked methodologies. Their objective is to get certified at least twice. This directly translates to Valiantys’ ability to manage a wide variety of customer solutions for companies of different sizes and sectors. Each of our offices is a service delivery center, where our expert consultants operate from.

It’s important to Valiantys we have some consultants who are certified in ITIL, Scrum and some other methods: when we go to a client site, we can advise on processes – even before we start translating that into the tool. Our people understand our clients’ use cases, because they’ve got a solid foundation on how it’s supposed to be done by the book. They’ve been exposed to a range of situations that reflect the reality of how things are done and how different teams function. On average, Valiantys’ consultants each work on 50 projects per year.

As a Solution Partner, we have a staffing rate of 70%, which is pretty low compared to industry standards. This gives our consultants room for team building, the opportunity to share and gain knowledge, and ask for feedback.

Thanks to Jira and Confluence, which are not only tools we advocate but tools we believe in and actively use, everybody can know about previous and current projects and client use cases.

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Professional services are our core strategic activity. We do strategy consultancy, end-to-end deployments and implementationstraining and coaching, data migrations, upgrades, integrations, audits and health checks, supportmanaged services, and product development.

That’s not where it ends. Our software team develops apps for Jira and Confluence. We also have a license management team to help our clients buy and renew their Atlassian software licenses at the right time for the right price.

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