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The one stop shop for all your Atlassian licenses

Make the most of your Atlassian licenses and simplify your life.
Our team of Licensing Specialists can assist with each step of the procurement process, guaranteeing that you are buying and renewing the right licenses at the right time and for the right price.

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Why should you order your Atlassian licenses with Valiantys?

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license optimization

Whether you are debating which tool or user tier to select or unsure if you should go with a server or the cloud, our experienced Licensing Specialists are here to help you find the best solutions for your company.

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Single renewal cycle

We can align all the different deadlines of your products' renewals, payments and deliveries to a single date of your choosing. You'll only receive one PO, invoice and payment per year - even if you have several products. This simple process means more time earned in productivity.

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Advanced support

Got questions about Atlassian products, apps in the ecosystem or even the details regarding the licensing policy? We offer you support in your local language and time zone, via email or phone.

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Simplified payments

Each company decides how to conduct their purchases. We let you choose your preferred currency (USD, GBP, EUR, CHF or CAD) and payment method (bank transfer or credit card).

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Updates on products

Every month you'll receive access to our newsletter which aggregates the latest news regarding Atlassian products, apps, trainings and events. You'll also be notified of any significant changes regarding products and licensing.

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Responsive delivery

Need more flexibility? Got an urgent project to start? As promised in our service level agreement, we'll send you a quote within half a business day. We can also generate temporary licenses while the payment is being processed - allowing you to get to work straight away.

Our Licensing Specialists: a dedicated team

The Atlassian licensing model is very different from any other software company and evolves rapidly.
Our Atlassian-certified Licensing Specialists are constantly watching for changes in the ecosystem, allowing for a limited impact on your operations and helping you make the most of your Atlassian tools.

Elodie Alzieu

«My job is to ensure our customers experience Atlassian to the fullest - with minimum admin work and maximum return on investment.»

Elodie Alzieu | Licensing Specialist
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Licensing advice

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Simplify procurement

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Provide advanced
licensing support

License management is a sizeable challenge for one of Atlassian’s biggest clients

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