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  • 12.Mai.2021

Atlassian Team '21 - Key takeaways and expert take

Learn more about Atlassian’s brand new product and latest features & updates announced during Team ’21 event.

  • 12.Mai.2021
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About the session

Team ’21 is the premier conference for modern teamwork in which Atlassian explores the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity, and tech. Industry leaders share new ways to unleash your team’s full potential and also provide updates on new Atlassian products.

We wrapped up this 3-day conference for you and shared our expertise on:

  • Atlassian’s brand new productJira Work Management, Team Central and Open DevOps
  • New features & updates for your Atlassian instances on Cloud and Data Center

About the speaker

Nathan Chantrenne – CTO, Valiantys

Nathan has been enjoying Atlassian products for more than 10 years in all possible roles: user, administrator, developer, consultant, and delivery project manager. He has helped hundreds of companies over this period make the most of their Atlassian products, whether in-person or through the consultants he managed. As Valiantys Chief Technical Officer, Nathan is now responsible for our delivery excellence and our service offerings development. Outside of the office, Nathan’s 2 young children keep him very busy.

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