ITSM tool migration
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  • 20.Sep.2021

Migrating from ITSM Legacy tools

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  • 20.Sep.2021

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Are you thinking about migrating from your legacy ITSM solution?

Do you need a roadmap to better understand what a successful migration project requires? Perhaps your current toolset has not evolved or is overly complex, requiring workarounds and incurring unnecessary costs.
In today’s business climate, flexibility and adaptability are the keys to your success. IT strategies are shifting to the Cloud and your business needs to ensure there is no service disruption, better interaction and visibility among teams, and improved productivity.

Using Jira Service Management as the foundation for your ITSM strategy ensures you can deliver value fast, collaborate, make better decisions and integrate Dev and Ops to seamlessly speed business requests through to development, on to operations, and back again.
In this free, in-depth guide, Erin Collins (Global Head of ITSM Practice at Valiantys) shows you how migration is less difficult than you may think. Featuring case studies of real projects we have delivered recently, we demonstrate that migration is a safe decision when well-prepared. Waiting to change just means delaying the positive outcomes that a new system will bring to your company.


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