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  • 29.Jun.2022

Optimize your services by creating a leaner service desk

  • 29.Jun.2022
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"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Phil Jackson, Former professional basketball player

When considering how your business currently functions, what comes to mind? What pain points do you imagine? How scalable is your company? It’s important that you and other leaders provide honest feedback when evaluating inefficiencies within your organization and service management systems. Doing so will enable you to implement tools like Jira Service Management, which can make your organization leaner and elevate how your teams do business, now and in the future.

Optimize and automate

Although Lean management has its roots in manufacturing, it is actually not designed to scale back or reduce your organizational costs (although these can, indeed, be outcomes). Instead, Lean is really about evaluating service value streams and identifying the best ways to engage, deliver, and support services from all angles. The primary goal is not to cut costs, but instead to establish a sustainable way of operating that has longevity and encourages all employees to be autonomous leaders, regardless of their roles. Like Lean management, the service mindset seeks to support your business through enhanced employee satisfaction, efficiency, productivity, and time-to-value. Many of these principles can be integrated and streamlined by using Atlassian tools.

Upgrade your service through automation and knowledge

What makes a world class service desk? There are several hallmarks, which when combined with Lean principles, include consistently applied responses, reliable communication, full customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. To achieve this level of operation, your service desk must be able to scale, which is something that Jira Service Management can help your organization achieve. If you are already using similar tools in your business, you might be unaware of their full capabilities and how they can help you achieve your goals by streamlining these improvements.

Another way to achieve this world class status is by shifting left – an agile practice that encourages customers to address their issues in their own time, without intervention. This approach can ultimately help customers identify bugs and challenges early in the process, and by doing so, avoid complicated, and often costly, barriers once systems and strategies have been rolled out. By empowering customers to directly address these issues, you can help them achieve even greater knowledge of their workflows and improve companywide processes and communication practices.

Interested in learning more about optimizing your service desk?

The Valiantys team is ready to help you explore how service management tools can elevate your business. Call us to setup an ITSM Value-Driven Discovery and we will help you identify how you can lean and scale your ITSM projects with Jira Service Management.


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