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Jira user training - Bern

Learn how to use Jira efficiently with Jira user training. Get to grips with issues, projects, workflows and reports within Jira.

  • Nov.16.2023


Acquiring a solid foundation is the first step in becoming a Jira expert. Our Atlassian experts will give you the keys to using Jira to its full potential on a daily basis, and will pass on good habits. Become fully at ease with actions such as project request creation, prioritization, assignment, and monitoring, and report establishment.

Our practical demonstrations also cover filters and how to configure your Jira dashboard to make your platform work for you.


1 day (session delivered in English)

Attendee profile

New Jira users, or users wishing to strengthen their Jira foundation.

Trainer skills

Advanced knowledge and work experience with a variety of real Jira use cases as a technical consultant; engineering or equivalent master’s degree

Teaching approach and resources

Training combines theoretical lectures with interactive oral and computer-based practical work.

Assessment resources

A multiple choice quiz tests what participants have learned at the end of the course. A satisfaction survey is also offered to those trained at the end of the day.




  • Understand how Jira works and its concepts
  • Prepare for Jira administration training


Course outline


  • Areas of application
  • Licenses
  • Distributions
  • The Atlassian community

Key concepts in Jira

  • Issues
  • Projects
  • Workflows
  • Security features


  • Project creation
  • Components and versions
  • Role assignment


  • Creating, editing, and deleting issues
  • Issue tracking
  • Sub-tasks
  • Available actions

Searches and filters

  • Quick searches
  • Advanced searches
  • Filter management

Agile management

  • Agile features
  • Managing Agile and Kanban boards in Jira
  • Agile reports

User interface customization

  • Dashboard configuration
  • Profile management


  • Standard reporting
  • PowerReport

Course review

“The trainer was knowledgeable and able to answer our specific questions. The session has given us lots of ideas of how to better integrate Jira into our daily activities.”

Deborah S. – Wall Street Systems

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