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  • 10.Sep.2020

10 Tips for Efficient and Effective Agile Deliver

Learn 10 techniques used in Valiantys to make a big difference in the success and cost of an Agile implementation.

  • 10.Sep.2020

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What you will learn in this Agile Ebook

10 techniques used by Dean MacNeil, SAFe® Program Consultant at Valiantys to make a big difference in the success and cost of an Agile implementation.


  1. Focus on the customer
  2. Progress is found in a Working product
  3. Learn fast
  4. Separate deployment from release
  5. Harness the power of cross-functional teams
  6. Invest in well-written user stories
  7. Embrace change without abandoning planning
  8. Provide people with the right tools
  9. Create the right level of documentation
  10. Practice informed negotiation and decision making
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Author & Enterprise Agile Coach

Dean MacNeil has been passionate about agile practices and tools since before they were called “agile,” having pioneered a form of iterative and incremental product delivery at the world’s leading music company in the mid 1990s.

As an Atlassian Certified Consultant and Enterprise Agile Coach, MacNeil has helped companies of diverse sizes and verticals, including some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies, to improve business agility and outcomes. MacNeil is also a published author and lifelong musician. He lives in Los Angeles where he enjoys hiking, biking, and sailing with his son.

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