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Jira for Agile Teams training - Bern

Our Jira for Agile teams training give you the confidence to make the most of your Agile team and to leverage Jira features.

  • Dez.11.2023


Currently, more and more teams are adopting Agile methods for their development projects. Focused as they are on the features expected by the end user, and being iterative and based on continuous improvement, these methods are used to deliver excellent products while minimizing the associated costs.This training course will give you the keys you need to manage an Agile project and monitor its development in Jira.


1 day (session delivered in English)

Attendees profile

Members of an Agile team with experience using Jira, or wishing to move to Agility

Course code


Trainer skills

Advanced knowledge of and work experience with a variety of real use cases involving the tool as a technical consultant; a qualified engineering or equivalent master’s degree

Teaching approach and resources

Training combines theoretical lectures with interactive oral and computer-based practical work

Assessment resources

A multiple choice quiz tests what participants have learned at the end of the course. A satisfaction survey is also offered to those trained at the end of the day.


  • Basic knowledge of Jira’s main concepts (points covered in the Jira user training course).
  • Proficiency in the basic concepts of Agility

Check that you have the prerequisites using our online application

→ 10 questions. Necessary score: 7/10



  • Using the features of Jira Software for your Agile projects

Course outline

Introduction – A few reminders about Agility

  • What is Agility?
  • Why move to Agility?
  • Development principles
  • The roles of the members of an Agile team

Working with Agile boards in Jira

  • 2 types of Agile boards: Scrum and Kanban
  • Creating and configuring a board
  • Comparing Scrum and Waterfall project management (V-shaped cycle)
  • Managing an event
  • Writing filters in JQL
  • Restricting visibility
  • Learning to use columns and statuses
  • Simplified workflows

Customizing boards according to your needs

  • Classic restricted workflows
  • Swimlanes
  • Filters
  • Estimates
  • Epics
  • Versions

Jira Software on a daily basis, and Agile rituals

  • Interacting with Confluence
  • Planning sprints
  • Daily standups
  • Making reviews
  • Retrospectives

Using reports for greater efficiency

  • Sprint report, Epic
  • Version report
  • Business days
  • Velocity
  • Burndown chart
  • Advanced searches

Review of interacting Apps

  • Advanced roadmap, automation, Epic Sum Up, etc.

"This training was very efficient, because I was able to ask all questions that came to my mind, and the training was adapted to topics I was most interested in."

Florent R. Elior Data

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