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  • Mar.31.2021

How to become a connected enterprise using Jira Align and SAFe® framework

Discover how to connect people, work, time, and outcomes using Jira Align and SAFe® framework.

  • Mar.31.2021
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  • 30min


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About the session

Jira Align, the Atlassian enterprise agile planning platform, can help you accelerate business value delivery at all levels of scale by connecting strategy with execution to maximize outcomes. Based on best practices and lessons learned from case studies, discover how your organization can benefit from implementing Jira Align and understand how the four dimensions of a connected enterprise (people, work, time, and outcomes) can be used a thought model for your Agile transformation. We will walk you through typical steps for implementing Jira Align along with solving common Agile challenges.  

What you will learn:

  • Jira Align’s key features for success (enhanced visibility, tracked dependencies and risks, real-time reports..)  
  • How to connect people, work, time, and outcomes using Jira Align
  • Successfully scaling team agility to the portfolio and enterprise

There will be a Q&A at the end. You’ll leave with a complete understanding of the solution and you’ll be able to seek advices for you own configuration.

About the speakers

Dean MacNeil – Head of Agile at Scale Practice, Valiantys

Dean MacNeil has been passionate about agile practices and tools since before they were called “agile,” having pioneered a form of iterative and incremental product delivery at the world’s leading music company in the mid 1990s. As an Atlassian Certified Consultant and Enterprise Agile Coach, MacNeil has helped companies of diverse sizes and verticals, including some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies, to improve business agility and outcomes.

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