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When they are not implementing Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket for our customers, our expert consultants love to train people on how to use and optimize the tools.

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On the ground

Our instructors do more than share theoretical knowledge - they use and configure these tools day-in and day-out.

Great communicators

To ensure everyone absorbs the material, our instructors use examples and practical use cases. They are flexible and will never hesitate to clarify an important concept.

Atlassian certified

Our consultants regularly update their knowledge by taking the latest certification courses offered by Atlassian.

Elodie Bardaji

Élodie Bardaji, consultant at Valiantys


My vast experience as an Atlassian consultant has given me the opportunity to test these tools extensively and to know how they compare to competing solutions. I'm a critical thinker and strive to find the best possible solution amongst these tools for our clients' specific needs. During my training courses, I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and the good practices I've learned as a professional consultant. I aim to create a positive atmosphere around using these tools for the participants in my class.

Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Administrator

Quentin Bellégo, consultant at Valiantys


I've worked as an Atlassian expert for different customers and have worn several different hats in this role - I've been a support engineer, consultant, responsible for the setup and configuration, and also an Atlassian instructor. It is during these training courses when I'm the most enthusiastic, as it is an opportunity to engage with participants' curiosity. I like sharing knowledge with diverse audiences, whether they are experienced Jira administrators or people discovering Atlassian tools for the first time.

Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Administrator Atlassian Certified Professional – Agile development with Jira Software
Ravi Sagar

Ravi Sagar, pre-sales consultant at Valiantys

I've been working as an Atlassian consultant and instructor since 2007. It's been great getting opportunities to see Jira instances being used in such different contexts, from project tracking, test management, support ticket management and Agile tracking. My interests lie in particular in full and partial data migrations of Jira projects and Confluence spaces, but I also love public speaking, sharing best practices, and working closely with enterprise clients and making sure their expectations are met.

Author of Mastering Jira. Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Administrator

Manon Soubies-Camy, pre-sales consultant at Valiantys

Ever since I started working for Valiantys, my time is split between consulting assignments, trainings and hosting webinars. What I like the most about Atlassian tools is the community of people gravitating around the ecosystem. I can spend hours browsing Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to discover the new tips and tricks! I find this spirit of community when delivering training classes - as clients with very diverse use cases come together, it's the opportunity to share and learn in an open and positive environment.

Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Administrator Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Service Desk Administrator
Anand Unadkat

Anand Unadkat, UK team lead at Valiantys


I started working at Valiantys in 2013, and I've been an Atlassian consultant ever since. I'm eager to discover various ways to work, analysing different needs and workflows in order to see how Jira, Confluence and the other programmes of the Atlassian suite can fix so many different needs. But first and foremost, I really enjoy meeting up with different people to share knowledge and experience.

Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Administrator Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Service Desk Administrator

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