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Consolidate your Atlassian Tools
Streamline governance, improve collaboration and save money

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What you get when a Valiantys expert consolidates your Jira or Confluence instance

  • Gain a global vision over administration and simplify maintenance and upgrades within a single platform
  • Save money on licenses, infrastructure and maintenance overheads
  • Get rid of silos; standardize practices, systems and reporting capabilities across your organization

Finally, get the efficiency you're looking for by letting Valiantys consolidate your tools

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Our approach

Consolidations are complex projects, so we apply a methodology tried and tested in multiple customer environments to ensure your consolidation will run smoothly. We work in two phases:

  • Application portfolio analysis and migration strategy development
    • Technical analysis of each instance to be consolidated, including mapping of risks and potential issues
    • Three-dimensional risk/benefits analysis: technical, financial, governance
    • Architecture recommendations for the target instance
    • Detailed project plan which includes the workload, planning and costs
  • Execution
    • Data cleansing in the source application
    • Upgrade all instances to target version (where required)
    • Migration of configurations, data and projects on a staging server
    • Integrity tests, validation and platform tuning
    • Consolidation to production environment
    • Support for your teams during the transition phase
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The Valiantys difference

  • We have our own migration utilities and integrity checkers, and we develop specific ones where necessary
  • We've completed some of the largest Atlassian consolidations in the world
  • We understand well the pitfalls and risks of these type of projects
  • We can provide you with a staging platform if you don't have one
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100+ Atlassian certifications
15M+ Jira records migrated
42 entreprises from the Fortune 100 trust us

We asked Valiantys for assistance with every one of our apps and for integrating them together, and they’ve been more than willing to step up to the plate for some of our more challenging requests

Erin C. Generali

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