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Advance your Service Management Strategy with Jira Service Management. Create high-performing service desks for IT, customers or internal departments. Deploy soon and you could qualify for 30% off your license fee.

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ITSM at its best

Work with us to shift left and make your IT Service desk truly serve its customers and the business. Our consultants will ensure that you get the most out of Jira Service Management and can evidence the value that it is bringing to your organization. We know how to design for scale, efficiency and usability. 

Most organisations only use 15-20% of the capacity of their system due to over-complicated workflows, duplicated or redundant user accounts, clunky integrations and inadequate links to asset databases. It all adds up to inefficiency. Our experts will hone and focus your implementation to ensure your customers love it, employees enjoy their work and the data needed to improve continuously is easily available.

Why now?

Server to Cloud

Migrate to JSM in the Valiantys private cloud or Atlassian Cloud and we'll clean up your data, workflows and user experiences to set you up for a high-performance future.

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Legacy to Atlassian

Using an ITSM platform built for tickets and tasks, not for service and scalability? Many companies using ITSM specific solutions have outgrown their platforms and are moving to Jira Service Management for complete flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership.

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Business to employee

Join the growing number of smart businesses that provide help and self-service windows for employees. Spin up a service desk for HR, Finance, Marketing or Facilities. Why not create a service desk specifically for expenses? Read more

Start-up to scale-up

Build your IT service desk on Jira Service Management with our support. We can not only create your workflows, reports, user forms and implementation from scratch, we will build it ready to scale fast, and we will train your users and team leaders for fast onboarding as you grow. Read more

The Five Stages of Enterprise Service Maturity

Our approach to deploying Jira Service Management fast-tracks IT from being a cost centre to becoming a valued contributor and strategic partner.

Qualify for 30% off the license fee for Jira Service Management

We know you can do more with your service desk. Whether it’s about reducing ticket volumes, improving the self-service to ticket ratio or improving your bounce back rate – whatever the metric, there is almost certainly unused potential in your ITSM system.  Our consultants have pioneered new ways of configuring Jira Service Management and combining its features with apps for stellar results. Act now, and you can pay less on your license fee to do more with your Jira Service Management capability.form

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