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Portfolio for Jira

Portfolio for Jira is the Project & Portfolio Management extension for Jira.
It provides realistic forecasts, gives stakeholders easy access to plans and lets you create what-if scenarios so you can easily react to changes.

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Explore the key features of Portfolio for Jira

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Portfolio monitoring

Portfolio for Jira's intuitive dashboards allow you to compare the status of all your projects with the targeted goals. You can see the big picture at a glance along with the details of each team's planning.

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Realistic forecasting

Optimize your schedule in real-time and instantly forecast realistic release dates so you know when you can actually deliver.

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Manage work and teams

Manage team availabilities and skill sets so you can avoid bottlenecks and ensure the right people are available when needed for your projects.

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Simulate what-if scenarios

Make fast prioritization and trade-off decisions and instantly see the impact on the plan.

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Capacity planning

Assess your capability of introducing a new project in function with your current portfolio - in real time. You'll instantly see the impacts on capacity planning and allocated budgets.

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Track business goals

Set business goals and track progress to ensure your strategy is executed and everyone's priorities are aligned.

What makes Portfolio for Jira great?

Jamie T.

«Getting multiple teams to move forward in the same direction and pace is an incredibly difficult challenge. Scaled Agile helps us solve that problem, as it gives us absolute visibility across all teams. Using Jira Software, Portfolio for Jira and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), allows us to see what all teams along with the respective time frames. This is extremely important when you several linked resources between teams.»

Todd G., Manager of PMO | Rosetta Stone

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