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Lean-Agile business management with Atlassian toolsSmarter organization and Services management

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What are the successful teams' secrets?

Agile and Lean have become universal methods, applicable to any team - but dependent on the use of the appropriate tools.

Many teams, are penalized daily from the use of unadapted tools for managing their processes, projects, contents, and requests, such as: following-up of priorities with a spreadsheet, project management in PowerPoint, collaborating on documents with Word or PDF forms and request management by email.

Atlassian tools are intuitive, easy to use and universal. Perfect for addressing these issues, transforming the way your teams work and provide services to their internal or external clients.

Focus on your challenges. We'll deliver on your tools.

Valiantys helps business teams
transform teamwork with Atlassian software

  • Finance
  • Governance, Risks & Conformity (GRC)
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Other teams

Intelligent financial management

Your projects are often complex and your processes manual and based on spreadsheets and emails. Not easy to collaborate on-time with many stakeholders and quickly build reliable financial reports.

Atlassian tools help you streamline all your financial processes, simple or complex: easy to implement workflows, automated tasks, real-time communication and real-time sharing of consistent results, powerful reports, and shareable dashboards.

  • Track your monthly, quarterly, annual financial closing process
  • Manage the forecast and budget processes
  • Manage payments and invoices
  • Track financial reports request and preparation
  • Publish and share your reports, financial statements, board meeting notes, payment status, etc.
  • Create a reference system for procedures

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How Valiantys manages payments with Jira

Streamlined Compliance delivery system

GRC processes are often manual or Excel-based and integrate various data and documents, including paper, from different departments. This organization is tedious and unreliable. Automation and centralization will allow you to deliver more value.

You have certainly already studied the implementation of a specific GRC solution. But they are very expensive, not very user-friendly, and not easy to implement and maintain. You need a real army to integrate and manage these tools. An army you don't have.

Atlassian tools offer a powerful solution that adapts perfectly to your business and can be integrated in a few days because the tools are so easy to install, configure and upgrade, and low cost.

  • Manage risk assessments, risk indicators, and risk issues
  • Deliver financial and legal services
  • Manage policies in a dedicated knowledge base
  • Manage recurrent tasks (compliance reports, findings, documentation request, action plan update, tax payments, etc.)
  • Manage compliance projects (audits, certifications, new regulation implementation, new market entry, etc.)
  • Track your documentation verification tasks as part of your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process

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  Customer Story

Leading global insurer meets strict compliance regulations with Jira Core


The Atlassian GRC department uses Jira and Confluence to manage their process

Efficient HR Services delivery

Your HR team is overwhelmed by employee and manager requests. You have many procedures to manage, maintain and improve and a lot of documents and information to share. All this while respecting the different regulations of the countries of your subsidiaries. That's a lot, isn't it? It is impossible without the appropriate tools. Moreover, you want to show a modern image to your contacts and deeper employee engagement.

Atlassian tools allow you to deliver HR Services that improve the employee experience: automate your processes simply, add more on-demand, create a employee-specific portal and build an HR knowledge base on the same Atlassian platform.

  • Build an Employee Self Service Center
  • Manage onboarding, off-boarding, and transitions
  • Manage employee documents and data

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HR Workflows

Does your company already use Jira Service Desk for IT?

Extended your Jira Service Desk to HR in one click, like more than 2,000 companies: download our turnkey HR workflows

Agile Marketing

The modern marketing department is structured around many expert teams (content, design, digital, PR, etc.) collaborating on multiple projects simultaneously, requiring focus, reliability and accurate reporting. Moving from inspiration to achievement requires a shared vision, a structured approach, fluid information flow and respect for deadlines at each step. And probably an Agile approach to stay on top of the game.

To complete all projects, the teams need the right tools to automate process management and centralize content, by controlling history, validation, and publication. With the flexibility and modernity that marketers and communicators demand.

  • Plan the annual activity
  • Use Agile to manage projects and campaigns
  • Collaborate on content production
  • Create templates for your repetitive projects
  • Automate content validation and publication
  • Prioritize and manage internal requests
  • Analyze your performance
  • Share information and ROI

Intelligent simplified procurement

In how many companies are complex purchases managed with Excel and emails, without traceability or SLA compliance? How many non-strategic purchases managed with paper forms or emails only? And the information on key suppliers, spread all over the intranet and never updated when needed?

Atlassian offers powerful and simple tools that help Procurement teams to better organize their activities, improve monitoring, information sharing, performance and service quality.

  • Collaborate on definition and evaluation of tenders
  • Manage complex order with Agility
  • Deliver Supplier services
  • Manage master data
  • Collaborate with legal teams

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Effective contract management with Atlassian tools

Lean-Agile business management

All teams need more visibility, reliability, and efficiency. Atlassian tools transform collaboration and help each team to achieve better and faster. Our field consultants connect Atlassian tools to your methods and existing system, to deliver maximum value to your team. They have been doing this for decades and know most of the businesses.

  • Manage projects & process
  • Track your tasks
  • Monitor and share details
  • Measure your performance
  • Build your knowledge base in collaborative mode
  • Create a Service Center

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IT Service Management


Agile at Scale


Smarter planning with Jira
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Your business solution, built on Jira

The capabilities you need for your business, today and tomorrow

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  • Powerful workflow engine
  • Details monitoring
  • Agile Kanban boards
  • Performance monitoring with Reports & Dashboards
  • Integration with each software you use
  • Service Center & Self-Service Portal
  • Knowledge base and content management
  • App store: add new value to your platform in one click, not a walled-off platform requiring extensive training and a developers army

IT/Development teams of your company are probably already using Atlassian tools.
Take advantage of existing in-house licenses and skills.

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Lean Business Strategic Tools

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