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Agile Transformation with SAFe® & AtlassianThe right mindset and tools
for an efficient Agile organization

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Scaling Agility to the enterprise level

Scrum, standup, burndown, backlog, sprints: proven methods your teams have mastered. Yet achieving agility at scale is not straightforward. The more teams, the more complex it will become.

  • Do your teams have the right mindset?
  • Are they properly equipped?
  • Is your company ready to scale up?

Frameworks don't require tools, but you cannot scale with sticky notes alone! Teams often struggle with strategic alignment, backlog visibility, cross-team coordination and dependency management, etc.

The right toolset, properly used, makes a big difference in the success and cost of your Agile transformation.

Valiantys supports you on Agile methods and tools,
for scalability with measurable ROI

  • Start your agile journey with Jira
  • Pick the right tools to scale up
  • Make the most of SAFe®
  • Connect the Enterprise with Jira Align

Start your agile journey with Jira

Your team uses (or wants to use) Jira to implement agility. Whether or not with Atlassian tools, start on a good foundation or reaffirm it. Valiantys' specific agile and Jira expertise can help maximize your return on investment.

How can we help you?

Pick the right tools to scale up

Many of your agile teams use Jira and you are looking to improve overall team coordination and visibility without immediately switching to a framework like SAFe®. There is an abundance of software in the Atlassian ecosystem to help you do this.

Our Atlassian and SAFe® certified consultants help you analyze your needs and design a solution that best meets them, using the most appropriate apps.

How can we help you?

Make the most of SAFe®

Your teams are already using SAFe®, but it's a bit of a journey. With so many options available, you may find that some external expertise may be useful!

How can we help you?

  • Agile Health Check
  • SAFe® training courses
  • Custom coaching
  • Support and guidance for creating your Agile Center of Excellence
  • Identification of Value Streams & ARTs
  • Optimization & governance of your Atlassian platforms
  • Support from our Atlassian certified experts
SAFe Implementation Roadmap

The path to an agile enterprise

Agility has proven its value and now your top executives understand how vital it is for the future of your company. You've been successfully executing PIs, and you're experiencing significant gains in team engagement, productivity, time-to-market or product quality. Is there still progress to be made?

Maybe you're experiencing some of these challenges?

  • Work visibility at the team level but not at the Enterprise level
  • Dependency management visibility
  • Heavily disconnected and manual reporting with spreadsheets and powerpoints

Jira Align solves all of these issues and allows you to really get the most out of SAFe®, by connecting your entire agile enterprise in real time, and ensuring that strategy and execution are perfectly aligned.

How can we help you?

  • Optimization of your Atlassian platforms for Jira Align
  • Jira Align Pilot project
  • Jira Align implementation
  • Jira Align implementation follow-up and technical services

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Highlight 2 Accelerate time
to value
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the right weapons

Agile Health Checks Illustration

Agile Health Checks

Do you have a few Scrum teams and want to make sure that the foundations are sound to scale up?

Our SPC consultants conduct Agile Health Checks to give you the pulse of your agile teams. They will give you the whole story about individuals and interactions, and also the tools that support them.

  • Agile Health Check
  • Tool analysis
  • DevOps audit
  • Architectural runway assessment
  • Agile at Scale implementation plan

The best toolset for your Agile transformation


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