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Accelerate your transformation journey with Valiantys services and Atlassian tools

After discussing values and principles in the last document,  we have decided to be very practical in this new delivery of our “Connect your enterprise” series. Agility at scale can sometimes feel complicated, and it should not be. Our favorite metaphor is “it’s a path” or “it’s a journey”. As such, you need a good map to take the right turns. All those decisions taken by the leadership team will drive the success and the impact of the agile transformation in your organization.


After working with many customers, we have identified four typical situations where it’s easy to take the wrong turn and impede your agile transformation. It can be about trust in the teams, patience, the impact of leadership, or the importance given to tools. The right decisions on those topics may be counter-intuitive, so it’s easier once you have them on your map. Download your white paper to find out what those four scenarios are, where you stand, and what to do when it’s decision time!


Mistakes Agile Transformation whitepaper

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