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Jira Service Management Advanced training - Online

Learn how to reference, track and manage tickets with Jira Service management, and how to set up an easy-to-use portal for user requests.

  • Feb.15.2024


Jira Service Management is rapidly becoming the go-to tool for companies looking to quickly set up an efficient service desk to track and resolve their IT issues.

In our Jira Service Management training session, we share insights into how the tool can be used to quickly manage incidents, problems and change requests submitted to IT teams. This session will also show you how to build a solution for your agents with a simple end-user interface and smart queues management.


1 day

Attendees profile

  • Advanced users wanting to make informed decisions
    around system implementation
  • Service desk managers
  • Future Jira Service Management administrators (in order to be an administrator of Jira Service Management, you also need to understand Jira administration)


None required


  • Understand how to use Jira Service Management efficiently
  • Gain awareness of the tool’s capabilities

Course outline

Introduction to IT service desks

  • What is an IT service desk?
  • IT service desk glossary
  • An introduction to ITIL

Who is Jira Service Management for?

  • Profiles and roles of users
  • Main use cases

Being a Jira Service Management agent

  • The agent’s workspace
  • Handling requests
  • Feeding the knowledge base

The back end of Jira Service Management: underlying concepts

  • Projects and issues
  • Workflows
  • Security features

The back end of Jira Service Management: configuration

  • Portal settings
  • Request types
  • Service Level Agreements

Using Jira Service Management with Confluence as a knowledge base

  • An overview of Confluence
  • Integrating Jira Service Management and Confluence

Integrating Jira Service Management in a broader system

  • Integrating Jira Service Management with a Jira Software instance
  • Integrating Jira Service Management with a LDAP
  • Jira Service Management and CMDBs

"The reception when entering Valiantys' office was really nice and everyone was very friendly. The course wasn't too rushed. My experience felt special as it was delivered one-on-one, which was really nice. It answered some questions I had for my current implementation."

Jeeten C. Graphnet Health

Registration closed

Registration for this course is now closed. Please visit our training resources to see what other courses are available.

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