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Jira Align Boot Camp

Is your enterprise ready for Jira Align? 

  • Aug.7.2024
9AM – 5PM US/Central  |  $1045


Designed for those interested in learning more about Jira Align prior to purchasing licenses for their organization, this 1-day class provides a practical, hands-on tour of Jira Align. It explores the optimal structure of Jira for Jira Align, how users interact with both tools, included visualizations, and what it takes to implement Jira Align.

Class outline

  1. Class introduction
  2. Jira Align introduction
  3. Jira & Jira Align integration overview
  4. General navigation and user preferences
  5. Creating and managing work items
  6. Preparing Jira & Jira Align for PI planning
  7. PI planning with Jira & Jira Align
  8. Dependency management
  9. Risk management
  10. Objective management
  11. Program room
  12. Jira Align roadmap
  13. Reports

This class is publicly taught in an Atlassian cloud environment.


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