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Accelerating innovation in automotive R&D

Revolutionize your research and development processes with our bespoke fleet management solution, meticulously crafted to meet your needs in the swiftly evolving automotive landscape.

Driving automotive R&D with robust features

Our specialized R&D fleet management solution streamlines operations and boosts productivity with real-time tracking, an intuitive reservation system, detailed analytics, and predictive maintenance alerts. Customizable and scalable, it equips businesses of all sizes with the tools for swift, data-driven decision-making.

  • Seamlessly combine all fleet management tasks into one platform
  • Utilize real-time data for quick, informed decisions
  • In-depth analysis and reporting for continuous improvement
  • Easily adapt to your business’s growing needs
  • Ensure data safety with robust security measures

Rev up your R&D: Transformative outcomes

Transforming R&D Fleet Management for Automotive Manufacturers

Two of our clients, a top global luxury automaker and one of the world’s largest manufacturers, struggled with manual management of their R&D vehicle fleets. This led to high overhead costs and constant resource conflicts, hindering efficiency in a highly competitive industry.

Our work involved:

  • Optimized user experience with tailored UX/UI design
  • Seamless integration with Atlassian Cloud and Data Center products
  • Integration with the client’s user management systems for Approvals and Access Permissioning
  • Modular architecture for scalability and adaptability


  • Accelerated pace of testing to provide competitive edge in new model development
  • Eliminated vehicle reservation conflicts
  • Improved fleet utilization visibility
  • Fostering Innovation across R&D teams
  • Savings in both time and costs by reducing process overhead
  • Tailored solutions for all vehicle management processes

R&D Fleet Management Solution Brief

For an in-depth look at our R&D Fleet Management solution and how it can revolutionize your R&D fleet, download our comprehensive 2-pager.
fleet management 2-pager

Why Valiantys is your best bet

We are more than just a service provider; we are a partner in your growth. From initial implementation to ongoing support, Valiantys is committed to helping you achieve your long-term objectives. Let Valiantys revolutionize your R&D fleet management.

Get in touch with us today for a free demo.


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