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Official Atlassian training – Jira/Confluence integration

Discover how JIRA and Confluence can be used together to manage projects seamlessly.

The course demonstrates how to manage a project from a sprint's inception to completion, using JIRA, JIRA Agile and Confluence.

This hand-on course will show you how to use Confluence to define product requirements, and the process of creating epics, stories, and issues in JIRA that can be linked to your product requirements without leaving Confluence.

You'll also learn how to use JIRA reporting to create dashboards that keep your team informed on project progress.

Note that this course is not about integrating Confluence and JIRA from a system administration context.

This course is an official Atlassian course. It is the same course offered by Atlassian and listed on the Atlassian University website.

Please note that while course materials are in English, sessions can also be delivered in French.


3.5 hours

Available formats

Public or private class, live online or on-site

Course code


Attendees profile

Project managers, business analysts and developers, Jira and Confluence application administrators and Jira and Confluence users.


Familiarity with Jira and Confluence.


  • Use Jira and Confluence to manage the development process
  • Provide project-level reporting on tasks across applications
  • Ensure that each member of the team is in touch with the development process and can work efficiently on tasks

Course outline

  • Setting up and linking Jira projects and Confluence spaces
  • Getting the most out of Confluence blueprints with Jira/Confluence integration
  • Planning your work and creating Jira issues without leaving Confluence
  • Reporting on work taking place in Jira from Confluence
  • Embedding content from Confluence within  Jira
  • Viewing sprint activity from Jira in Confluence
  • Using calendars to plan project activity
  • Triggering retrospectives in Confluence from Jira Agile
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