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Git and Bitbucket best practices training

Want to develop software faster and more cleanly, as well as optimizing your version management? You’re in the right place.

Get to grips with Git technology and best practices, and get in the know about Bitbucket, Atlassian's Git repository service.

Our interactive tutorials will help you discover not only how Bitbucket works, but how it integrates with other Atlassian products, as well as which apps are available to help your team collaborate with code.

Using real-life examples, we’ll help you understand Git technology and best practices of Git workflows, as well as how Bitbucket can be used to streamline your software development cycles.


2 days

Available formats

Private class, on-site

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Developers or release managers new to Git who want to find out about its mechanisms and workflows, or those looking to brush up on Bitbucket best practices.


Prior knowledge of source code versioning.

Check the prerequisites with our online app.


  • Master Git and its distributed version control system
  • Discover how to use Atlassian Bitbucket to collaborate with code

Course outline

How Git works - Git data model

  • The 'D' in DVCS
  • 3 states of the repository
  • File statuses
  • Git objects
  • Speed

Working with branches

  • Working with branches: why and how?
  • Adding a branch
  • Merging branches
  • Resolving conflicts

Collaboration - Development and CI workflows

  • Centralized workflow
  • Feature branch
  • Gitflows

Remote repositories

  • Understanding remote repositories
  • Managing remote repositories

Git advanced tools

  • Undoing changes
  • Rewriting history

Git in practice with Bitbucket and the Atlassian suite

  • Using Git with Bamboo
  • Atlassian tools integration
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