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Confluence “à la carte” training

Looking for something more tailored when it comes to Confluence training?

Pick any two modules below to tailor your own Confluence training experience.

Can't find the topics you're most interested in? Don't hesitate to contact us to hear all about our custom training capabilities.


0.5 day per module - you must chose a minimum of two modules

Available formats

Private class only, live online or on-site

Course code


Attendees profile

Users, super users or administrators of Confluence who want to take their skills up a notch and dive deeper on specific topics


Prior knowledge and working experience of Confluence (the prerequisites are covered in our Confluence in Action training course)
Check the prerequisites with our online app.


Get fully trained on a specific Confluence topic

Course outline

Module 1: Governance of a wiki and best practices

  • Wiki patterns
  • The 12 keys to good wiki adoption
  • Gardening
  • Archiving

On request, discover the following apps:

  • Questions app
  • Forum app by Adaptavist

Module 2: Advanced macros

Content formatting macros, including:

  • Section - column
  • Anchor
  • Gallery
  • Visibility app
  • Deck - card

Content gathering macros, including:

  • Excerpt and include
  • Popular labels and content by label
  • User listers and contributors summary
  • Recently updated
  • Page information tools

NB: we'll cover both Confluence macros and the most relevant app macros.
It's also possible to spend a full day on this module if you're looking to become a fully fledged app macro expert.

Module 3: Macro development

  • How to develop a Confluence macro for yourself
  • Hands-on practice

Module 4: Page templates and blueprints

  • Example of use cases
  • Basic page templates
  • Page templates with variables
  • Create a Button macro and Linking app (free from Service Rocket)
  • Advanced possibilities offered by apps
  • Developing your own page blueprint or space blueprint (demo only, not full training)

On request, discover the following apps:

  • Forms app from Adaptavist
  • Scaffolding app from Service Rocket
  • Page templates using the Blueprint Maker app from Brikit

Module 5: Space administration

  • Managing spaces
  • Security, permissions and user rights
  • Content tools
  • Page templates
  • Exporting content in XML, HTML or PDF (+ PDF layout customisation)

On request, discover the following apps:

  • Custom User Space Management Plugin from Silly Cat

Module 6: Using Confluence as a knowledge base next to Jira Service Desk

  • Why use Confluence?
  • Best practices
  • How to link Jira Service Desk with Confluence
    • License count
  • Managing article validation and publishing
    • Using tags
    • Using workflows apps
  • Setting two Confluence instances – why and how?

Module 7: An introduction to theming

  • Why set a theme?
  • Appearance customization (requires basic knowledge of CSS)
  • Layout customization (requires basic knowledge of Velocity)

On request, discover the following theming apps:

  • Theme Press app from Brikit
  • RefinedTheme app from RefinedWiki
  • Scroll ViewPort app from K15t

Module 8: Using Confluence as a CMS for content publishing

  • User management and rights
  • Setting two Confluence instances – why and how?

On request, discover the following apps:

  • Comala Workflows and Comala Publishing apps from Comalatech
  • Scroll Version app from K15t
  • Content Flow app from Brikit

Module 9: Confluence general administration

  • General configuration
  • Administration
  • Application links
  • app management
  • Statistics
  • Troubleshooting
  • User management
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Security
    • Rights and privacy
    • Permissions

Not sure which modules to choose? See if you belong to one of these profiles:

  • Super user: try our Confluence Advanced Usage training course
  • Space administrator: try module 5: Space administration and module 4: Page templates and blueprints
  • Confluence administrator: try module 9: Confluence general administration and module 1: Governance of a wiki and best practices
  • If you want to use Confluence to build a corporate website: try module 7: Introduction to the possibilities of theming and module 8: Using Confluence as a CMS with publishing of content
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