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An introduction to Agile training

Ready to dive into the dynamic world of Agile?

Our Introduction to Agile training session offers a comprehensive introduction to the key principles of Agile, equipping your team with a solid grounding in everything Agile.

This course is an ideal starting point for those looking to understand the main notions of Agile, ensure they are up-to-date with the Agile way and get firmly on track with Agile methodologies.


1 day

Available formats

Public or private class, on-site

Course code


Attendees profile

People using Jira as part of an Agile team, or those looking to implement Agile methodologies who are seeking a comprehensive introduction to Agile.


None required.


  • Understand how to work in an Agile way and how to get the most out of an Agile approach

Course outline

History and background of Agile

  • Where Agile comes from
  • The Agile manifesto, its principles and practices

Quick overview of the leading Agile methods

  • XP, Scrum and SAFe
  • Kanban and LEAN

Introduction to roles, responsibilities and resource requirements

  • Scrum master, product owner and developers
  • The importance of the team: individuals and interactions

The concept of user stories

  • Features and epics
  • Story creation: sizing and breaking down a story

Ceremonies and artefacts

  • Ceremonies: sprint planning, daily stand-ups and sprint retrospectives
  • Artifacts: product vision statements, backlogs, release plans and reports
  • Quality and technical debt

Applying and scaling Agile within a business

  • What Agile can bring to a business and its customers
  • Is Agile always the right approach?
  • Managing risk and overcoming obstacles
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