1. Term for submitting a complaint

Complaints about the course or training can be submitted to Valiantys B.V. up to one month after the course has been completed. Failure to submit a complaint in time may result in the course participant losing his or her rights in this regard.

Complaints must be made known to Valiantys B.V. in writing via hello@www.valiantys.com or sent via post to:

Valiantys B.V.
Weena 308-310
3012NJ Rotterdam

The course participant gives a motivated explanation of the content of the complaint. The course participant also mentions the name, company name, address, phone number, email address, the course (variant), the location and the name of the teacher in order to promote early handling.

  1. Privacy

A complaint will always be treated confidentially by Valiantys B.V.

  1. Confirmation of the complaint

Valiantys B.V will send a confirmation of receipt by e-mail to the complainant within seven working days. If a solution cannot be offered immediately, an indication will be given of the period within which a further investigation will be started and the complaint will be handled. Valiantys strives for processing within 20 working days after confirmation and will indicate if it takes longer.

  1. Investigate complaint

Valiantys B.V. commits itself to start a further investigation into the submitted complaint and strives to be able to take measures within a reasonable period that meet the complainant’s wishes.

  1. Response to the investigation

Valiantys B.V. will correspond with the complainant within the period communicated under article 3 about the outcome of the investigation, the decision taken and any follow-up actions.

  1. Dispute settlement

A complaint has been resolved if the complainant has confirmed it. Complaints and its processing will be registered for two years.

If the complaint cannot be resolved in mutual consultation, a dispute arises and can be submitted to independent third party AN-i by both the course participant and Valiantys B.V.

  1. The complaint can be submitted to AN-I via beroepsregeling.nl.
  2. The process of handling a formal complaint by AN-i can be found on www.beroepsregeling.nl.
  3. The disputes committee will only handle a dispute if the course participant has first submitted his complaint to Valiantys B.V. in accordance with the provisions of the complaints procedure and this has not led to a satisfactory solution for both parties. In order to subsequently be able to submit the dispute to AN-i, the complainant must indicate in writing that the outcome of the complaints procedure has not led to a satisfactory result. If the complainant subsequently states to appeal to AN-i, there is a formal dispute.
  4. A dispute must be submitted to the disputes committee within three months after its occurrence.
  5. AN-i charges an hourly rate of €175,- for handling a dispute. Valiantys B.V. has the right to receive a contribution from the course participant in the following cases:
    1. In case Valiantys B.V. has lost the dispute, the total fees for handling the dispute will be borne by Valiantys B.V.
    2. In case the course participant has lost the dispute, Valiantys B.V. is free to decide how the total fees for handling the dispute will be borne but with the following conditions:
      1. The fees borne by the course participant should be no more than 25% of the total amount due to Valiantys B.V. for the entire course/training.
      2. In case the equally divided fees accounts for more than 25% of the total amount due to Valiantys B.V. for the entire course/training, Valiantys B.V. should bear the excess.
    3. In case both parties have come to a solution during this process, the total fees for handling the dispute will be borne by Valiantys B.V.

More information about the fees can be found on www.beroepsregeling.nl.


  1. When the course participant submits a dispute to the disputes committee, Valiantys is bound to this choice.
  2. If Valiantys B.V. wants to submit a dispute to AN-i, it must first ask the course participant in writing to state within 5 weeks whether he agrees to this. Valiantys B.V. must thereby announce that after the expiry of the aforementioned period, it considers itself free to submit the dispute to the ordinary court.
  3. The decision of AN-i takes the form of a binding advice.