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  • Sep.9.2011

VertygoSLA for JIRA 4.4

  • Sep.9.2011
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Hi there! Thanks for reading our blog .

Valiantys is very proud to announce the new version of VertygoSLA, a JIRA plugin which will help you to honor the commitments you have with your clients and partners. This new version will be officially available in a few days. You can add yourself as a watcher of this issue, in order to be notified of the official release !

This new version is very important for two main reasons.

First, the plugin is now compatible with JIRA 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 So, all new features will be simultaneously available on all these versions of JIRA ! This is a very good news for all of our customers.
The second reason is that there are a lot of new awesome features! I will be describing each new feature in separate articles in this blog over the next couple of days. Today’s subject is … the new VertygoSLA searcher.
In the previous version, the searcher was already nice and powerful but was limited since you were only able to make searches on the status of a SLA (In progress, Closed, Violated, Not violated).
In this version, the searcher is totally different. It now looks like this.

JIRA plugin VertygoSLA searcher

As you can see, you can now perform absolute or relative searches on the start date of a SLA, on its due date, on its end date, on the consumed time or on the remaining time. For Instance, you can display all issues with a remaining time less than 1 hour. And, of course, you can save this as a filter, and do all what JIRA allows you to do with a filter, like subscriptions, which is really wonderful.

Here is a list of all functions you can use in the advanced search of JIRA :

  • “due date”, [“=”, “!=”, “<“, “>”, “<=”, “>=”], “JIRA_DATE_TIME_FORMAT”
  • “end date”, [“=”, “!=”, “<“, “>”, “<=”, “>=”], “JIRA_DATE_TIME_FORMAT”
  • “start date”, [“=”, “!=”, “<“, “>”, “<=”, “>=”], “JIRA_DATE_TIME_FORMAT”
  • “consumed”, [“=”, “!=”, “<“, “>”, “<=”, “>=”], “JIRA_TIME_FORMAT”
  • “remaining”, [“=”, “!=”, “<“, “>”, “<=”, “>=”], “JIRA_TIME_FORMAT”
  • “state”, “in”, [“closed”, “in progress”, “frozen”]
  • “delayed”,  “is”, [“true”, “false”, “any”]

Here is an example of an advanced search. My custom Field is named “SLA_CF”

JIRA plugin VertygoSLA search example

Thanks again for reading this blog, there will be another article soon!

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