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nFeed at Atlassian Summit 2013

If you weren’t at Atlassian Summit last week, you missed the demos of our nFeed plugin. But fear not, we’re bringing the demo to you!

Our visitors were especially interested in some features, so we thought we would share them with you.

Field dependencies

This feature has been part of nFeed for a long time but is still mostly unknown! It allows the creation of cascading select lists on any number of levels. JIRA does have a native cascading select list field but it’s limited to two levels and it’s very hard to search and report on it.

Using nFeed, you can create as many field levels as you like and you can add dependencies between them. You can also link an nFeed field with a system field like assignee, reporter, components, etc.


Populate nFeed fields on a workflow transition

This feature was added in the latest nFeed release. This allows for example to automatically add information about the reporter (location, phone number, etc.) from an LDAP directory to a ticket. This feature is also compatible with the new Atlassian add-on: JIRA Service Desk. If an issue is created from the new Customer Portal, nFeed can automatically add and populate new fields to the issue depending on what has been entered by the reporter, in order to facilitate the issue resolution.


Add comments containing nFeed fields values

Another feature included in the latest release! You can now add the content of an nFeed field as a comment automatically in a workflow transition. For example, you can automatically add a comment on isssue creation that contains similar resolved tickets.


As for the rest…

These are just a few of the features in nFeed and there are plenty more that help you automate and simplify actions to solve many use cases. We are currently working on some new features we hope are going to be interesting for everyone. Don’t hesitate to go to our Marketplace page for more information.

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