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Confluence for sales teams

Confluence for sales teams – does it work? Yes!

As an Atlassian Platinum Expert, Valiantys has of course chosen to use Confluence for its internal documentation. In this blog post, we’ll review why, and how, the Valiantys sales team uses Confluence.

We share everything

One of the main functions of Confluence is to allow knowledge sharing. By sharing knowledge, experience and best practices, everyone’s experience is capitalised in Confluence. But that’s not all – the documentation of every technical discussion with our clients is stored in Confluence, too. Since consultants also store their client files and reports in Confluence, the tool becomes a bridge between the sales team and the consultants.

We grow together

The Valiantys Confluence dashboard  is divided into two parts: one part for the Valiantys internal news feed, and the other for the recent projects completed or won by the  sales team.

In the Valiantys News section of Confluence, we include:

  • Newbie introductions
  •  Launches of new Valiantys products and services
  • Recruitment openings
  • News on the progress of add-on development
  • News around both Valiantys and Atlassian events

In other words, Valiantys News allows us to communicate with all team members, wherever they are – whether it’s at our headquarters in Toulouse or in our Paris, Lausanne, London or Montreal offices.

The dashboard shows the recent projects on which Valiantys experts have been working on with our clients. This part allows the sharing of the sales team’s activity with the whole Valiantys team  – in fact,  Confluence can be used as a directory of all our completed projects, offering a quick, easy point of reference for the sales team.

We standardise processes

As the internal processes, tasks and responsibilities of each team member and our provider directory are all stored in Confluence, the sales team follows these same internal processes. During the whole sales process, Confluence facilitates the application of standardised processes – things like outlining customer requirements, billing and delivery. These are all stored in Confluence as well.

In short, Confluence is like our Bible!

We prepare for sales meetings

Confluence is a collaborative tool for the Valiantys sales team.

Every member of the sales team from every office takes part in online weekly sales meetings. The meeting details are planned in Confluence, with every team member free to add topics to the agenda. When this happens, notifications are sent to the other team members.

As you can see, the Valiantys sales team uses Confluence for better collaboration, knowledge sharing and transparency on a daily basis… and this is only a brief insight into the tool’s features! By combining confluence with JIRA and Hipchat, the sales team can collaborate with other team members from other business units, wherever they are around the world.

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