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How marketing teams can benefit from using Jira

A marketing team is made up of many channels: content, email, social media, PR, product, etc. Though each is charged with different tasks, they all have something in common: they must manage projects and deliver work on time.

How do most marketing teams achieve this? They follow the progress of their projects and make sure that work is delivered on time using over-complicated spreadsheets, and sharing updates by email. What about shared assets and collaterals? These can be found all over the place, in multiple programs and on different devices.

It means one thing: the information marketers need to do their jobs is scattered. This leads to roadblocks, bottlenecks, and delays.

What if marketing teams had a better method? What if each marketing team had a tool that helped manage projects by keeping all information in one place so that everyone had visibility over the progress of each task, including access to all assets?

1. Email marketing in Jira

It’s the email marketer’s job to ensure that the messages sent to your inbox are relevant to you. The email team can use Jira to gather the information required to manage their email pipeline and ensure that the messages, like new feature announcements, news and updates are sent to the right audience. For example, if 2 marketers want an email sent in the same week, the email team can review the requests and (using the information provided in the Jira task details) segment customers and make sure each customer receives 1 email – the one that’s suitable to them.

2. Social media managed correctly

Have one account but multiple marketers, products, and topics to address? Tracking these with email is a nightmare. In Jira, social media teams can track and analyze these requests by looking at the task details. With the post information in one place, they can fact check the post, check the date and social channel pipeline before it goes through the workflow for approval and is posted – easy like Sunday morning.

3. Product marketing in one place

Managing a feature or product launch demands a lot of coordination with various teams and getting the timings right is key. Jira can help product marketing teams track people, tasks, and statuses so launches happen on time. With everything related to a project in Jira, PMs always have a pulse on updates, collaterals, videos, screenshots… all the details that require approval, QA, and review before the launch date. Whats more, with Jira you can manage your project with the agile method by implementing epics and sprints.

4. Creative 

Creative briefs and deadlines motivate creative teams. They need to know what graphic, .gif, or video to create. Using Jira to manage the abundance of creative marketing projects lets teams gather the appropriate information – guidelines, spec requirements, and feedback – all in one place to make sure that what’s delivered is what was asked for. Besides, review cycles are easier to manage with status signs like “In progress,” “Under review” and “Rejected.” and we can easily create a fully customized workflow – especially useful if there are several languages to manage. Jira’s native integration with Confluence is excellent where marketers can work on the content, with history tracking and it’s all linked back to your original Jira issue.

5. Content and PR in Jira

Words are a marketer’s best friend. Whether a blog, brochure, presentation, leaflet or press release, getting the correct message to the right audience is the name of the game. When the PR team is managing the scope of a company’s message, it requires building great relationships with media channels and analysts. And when a company must deliver a compelling story, it requires the feedback of subject matter experts. By tracking the press release drafting process in Jira you can rest assured the right people see the work and approvals are done promptly – being fully tracked and managed in various languages.

Here for every business team

As business transformation experts, we have the consultants available to help with your scaling you business needs. Whether that’s migrating from handling your marketing content in excel sheets or planning a press release on notes, with Jira and Confluence, we have the right tools for you. If your marketing team would like to know more about how it can become agile, lean and efficient, get in touch with us now.

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