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  • Feb.22.2018

Xray Test Management for Jira tutorial: How to import manual tests

  • Feb.22.2018
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Are you getting started with Xray Test Management for Jira? Chances are that you may want to import your existing test cases, which are probably residing in multiple spreadsheets or even another test management tool. We’ll walk you through how to import manual tests into Xray by using a simple CSV file.

Before you get started:

Prepare the CSV

The screenshot below shows a sample test case which is managed using an Excel spreadsheet. Your test cases, normally saved in an XLS format, will need to be exported into a tabular formatted CSV file.



Remember to map the three mandatory fields:

  1. Test Case Identifier: This field identifies which lines belongs to which test case. In the example below, it is the TCID column. The TCID is used to associate the different test steps.
  2. Summary: This field is mandatory, as Jira doesn’t allow users to create an issue without a summary. In the example below, it is the Summary column.
  3. Manual Test Step: This field is going to be mapped as the Step field, Data field, and Expected Result field of a Manual Test Step. In the example below, it is the Step, Data, and Expected_Result column.
Tip: When exporting to CSV, remember to choose a delimiter that can exclusively separate the field values (such as “;” or “,”). We used “;” as delimiter in this tutorial.

If you open the CSV file using a standard text editor, then you will see it formatted as follows:



Import your test cases into Xray Test Management for Jira

The following steps will show you how to import your test cases, allowing Jira to become a powerful test management tool.

1. Login with an administrator account and got to External Issue Import.

2. Next, choose the Xray Test Case Importer as follows:


3. Setup the basic settings for importing the CSV file:

a – Choose the CSV source file.

b- Make sure the CSV delimiter is defined correctly.

c- Check your File Encoding.

d- Optionally, choose the configuration file if you saved your settings from your previous import.




4. Map your Xray test Project, Fields, and Field values and click Begin Import:


Afterwards, your status page will show the import results. If you’d like to take a closer look at the results, click on the download a detailed log link.


Tip: If you plan to import another batch of tests, then don’t forget to save the configuration file so you can use it next time.



5. Go to your selected test project to view the imported tests:


The order of test steps will be as listed in your CSV file. If you need to change the order later, simply drag-and-drop your steps:


Leave us a comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback! Likewise if you need more one-on-one help with your Test Management solution in Jira, contact the Valiantys team below.

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