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  • Nov.8.2016

Maximising performance of your instance with an Atlassian healthcheck

  • Nov.8.2016
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As your Atlassian tools grow bigger inside your company, it’s very common to see them spread like wildfire, with increased user numbers and greater amounts of processes and projects. This can eventually manifest itself in drops in performance, or an increase in bad practices from new joiners. But all isn’t lost – why not undertake a JIRA audit? Our healthcheck service is specifically designed to fine-tune the performance of your instance as your company scales.

What is a healthcheck?

A health check is like a JIRA audit – an in-depth functional and technical review of your Atlassian instance. Our 10+ years of experience help us provide a detailed analysis of the current health of your instance, as well as some pragmatic recommendations from an architecture, processes, configuration, tooling, administration and governance point of view.

Why complete a healthcheck?

Performing a healthcheck is recommended when:

  • you are encountering performance issues
  • your reindexing is taking ages
  • you are planning to upgrade soon
  • your administrators/administration processes aren’t clearly identified
  • you are planning to onboard new teams and/or processes
  • you are planning a significant increase in active user numbers
  • you are evaluating or planning to move to a clustered environment

What’s included in a healthcheck?

Our complete JIRA audit takes into account a stack of technical and functional factors essential to your tool’s performance. Here are some examples:


  • Audit of all system settings – things like server sizing, server configuration, CPU, hard drive, disk speed, database capacity and back ups.                        
  • Audit of all system configuration elements – including third party add-ons and any other code level customisations: number of active users, number of projects and number of issues.
  • Technical interviews these help to identify and solve pain points for administrators and end-users alike, as well as the technical audience such as developers, business analysts, project managers and others.
  • Configuration recommendation – including custom fields, workflows, screens, statuses and other configuration elements.


  • Best practices – based on our understanding of business use cases, we suggest usage recommendations and best practices on how to best use and deploy Atlassian tools.
  • Identify business tooling gaps and improve business processes – our recommendation is not limited to Atlassian products, but can include additional add-ons or third party software. Examples include system monitoring or Octopus Deploy for conducting CD/CI and build orchestration.
  • Tool governance – our goal here is to guarantee business continuity and ensure the tool evolves to meet business requirements in a controlled manner. We’ll look at things like change and approvals processes, backup and disaster, recovery and failover.
  • Cost optimisation – we help you identify business savings with Atlassian software and add-ons. This can include things like process and configuration automation recommendations to minimise admin tasks, and tooling recommendations to optimise licensing and infrastructure costs. For instance, we were able to identify 30% in licensing and infrastructure savings for British Airways over a three-year period.

Future-proofing your Atlassian tools

There are stacks of benefits of running a JIRA audit to evaluate the performance of your Atlassian instance. Here are some examples:

  • Detailed documentation that enables you to understand the current status/health of your instance from various technical and functional perspectives.
  • More importantly, a strategic yet pragmatic set of recommendations where we take into consideration your:
  1. Business goals and challenges
  2. Resources
  3. Short, mid and long-term priorities

This helps us identify what needs to be done for your instance to ensure it remains future-proof, suitable for all your business purposes, easy to administer, simple to govern and easily scalable in the long run.

What’s more, our healthchecks include dedicated time with senior experts to help ensure that you fully understand the report, and answer all of your technical and functional questions.

In a nutshell, don’t let your Atlassian tools become less efficient – learn how to unleash maximum potential of your tools with a Valiantys health check.


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