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  • Sep.18.2012

VertygoSLA 'W': web services and wizard

  • Sep.18.2012
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The latest version of VertygoSLA released this Monday implements the most voted feature request: web services. REST access allows requests for SLA calculation from external systems.

We also focused this release on people who just want to evaluate the plugin. Thus we designed a configuration wizard to quickly build a first running configuration.

What’s new?

REST Web service

The VertygoSLA REST API provides means of accessing SLA computed data which is not stored in the database.

The access URL defines the type of access and the issues that you wan to query. In return, the service gives a JSON or XML structure (configurable) containing the result.

It is possible to request issues SLA computation by :

  • issue key
  • issue identifiers
  • filter identifier
  • JQL request

The wizard

The wizard has been designed to help customers to build a running configuration in just 5 clicks.

Its goal is to showcase the core features. Advanced settings and features are available from the classic configuration menu.

Get Started

With the latest versions of the UPM (2.3+), the wizard opens directly once the plugin has been licensed.

For a later use, the wizard is also available at any moment from the add-on configuration menu.

New users of VertygoSLA may not be familiar with terms used in the add-on, such as “agreement time” or “agreement type”, and the wizard now provides direct links to the documentation on these terms.

Wizard Documentation

At the end of the wizard, the last screen summarizes the configuration and asks the user if he’s satisfied with it before final validation.

Rebuilt configuration menu

The problem for advanced users was that configuration length was increasing with the complexity of the configuration.

Now each configuration element is separated into dedicated tab to facilitate the navigation.


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