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  • Feb.26.2019

How to deal with spreadsheets in Confluence without struggling

  • Feb.26.2019
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Valiantys Software is now Elements, a Valiantys company

We might have changed our name, but we’re the same team behind Elements. The new Elements brand and visual redesign reflect our identity as a software publisher and are a  reminder of the connectivity between our different apps. As part of the rebranding, our products have new names: nFeed is now Elements Connect, Exocet is now Elements Copy & Sync, Elements is now Elements Checklist, and Spreadsheets is now Elements Spreadsheet.

To read more, check out our announcement from March 20, 2019.


If you use Confluence at your company, you know how this tool enables teams to collaborate on rich text content. Wikis and modern knowledge bases bring a whole new layer of collaboration to document editing.

However when it comes to managing data and crunching numbers, native Confluence can face serious limitations that easily frustrate team members. If you are struggling with spreadsheets management in Confluence and looking for a smoother way, keep reading!

A powerful spreadsheet editor to boost your Confluence use

Do you want to go further than simply using Confluence tables? Are you sick of managing Excel spreadsheets outside of Confluence? Are you looking for an easy way to collaborate on spreadsheets within Confluence? Elements Spreadsheet for Confluence is your solution.

Elements Spreadsheet, the perfect balance between the collaborative UX of Confluence and the power of Excel spreadsheets.


As a spreadsheets editor, it features the core, well-knownfunctionalities from Excel which are essential to project management, budgeting and reporting.

You can u se more than 400 formulas to run calculations, such as the most used and advanced ones VLOOKUP, CONCATENATE, IF statements, SUM, AVERAGE, etc. Elements Spreadsheet for Confluence also eases your data management by offering a  dropdown tooltip bar. It is highly useful when you are looking for a specific formula but don’t know exactly which one. The tooltip bar will  suggest formulas by autocompletion and provide a short use explanation for each one.

Spreadsheets for Confluence provides a dropdown tooltip bar for formula suggestions.


If needed, you can export/import your spreadsheets to and from Excel.

The power of Elements Spreadsheet lies in its focus on collaboration and tight integration with  Confluence.  With Elements Spreadsheet, you don’t need to manage your spreadsheets outside of Confluence anymore. All your essential figures are centralized in one place and you can collaborate directly on it with your team.

Manage spreadsheets like you manage Confluence tables

If your team members are familiar with using Confluence tables, adopting Elements Spreadsheet should be an easy next step.

They will find the Confluence tables look-alike design they are used to, with the same icons and functionalities (including Confluence text formatting, rows and columns actions such as Insert before, Insert after, Remove, and associated keyboard shortcuts).

Thanks to this Confluence user look and feel, there will be a fast learning curve of the app’s functionalities, and this quick adoption and will enhance their productivity.

Confluence tables toolbar and functionalities within spreadsheets editor

Use native Confluence functionalities in tables like Date Picker

And cherry on the cake, you can even use Confluence’s Date Pickers in your spreadsheets. With this famous Confluence native macro, by typing “//” you can visualize the whole calendar and pick the date of your choice directly in a spreadsheet cell.


Confluence’s Date Picker inside spreadsheets


Elements Spreadsheet is the only app which embraces the Confluence tables look and feel, while offering advanced calculation functionalities, improving your team’s productivity.

The user-friendly app for all your spreadsheets needs in Confluence

We believe that collaboration is the future, making Confluence the must-have software for driving teamwork forward. If you are a Confluence fan like us and want to manage spreadsheets seamlessly, why not give this app a try?

Try Elements Spreadsheet for Confluence

Tell us what you think about it in comments!

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