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  • Mar.17.2015

JIRA alerts at the speed of light

  • Mar.17.2015
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JIRA dashboards can’t auto-refresh with a refresh interval of less than 15 min. Consequently, a support user won’t be alerted immediately if an issue with a critical level of emergency is created.

As a result, the team at Valiantys decided to create a lighting system triggered by issue creation or updates based on a set of rules. In this article we’ll introduce “JIRA Alert”, the first lighting system for JIRA.

To complete this project, we needed to solve the following problems :

  • Be able to turn off/on the light with remote access
  • Allow user to manage lights with JIRA.

Remote control

To solve this problem, we decided to use Yocto-PowerRelay, which can be used as a USB controlled switch.


There are many API’s that can enable you to turn off/on relays by remote access. This Java API requires you to launch an application (Virtual Hub) on the relay host. We can then turn off/on the relay with very little code.

In this case, the relay was installed on a light power supply.


Next, we developed a user interface to configure multiple revolving lights and alerts. A revolving light is defined by :

  • revolving light host (IP or name)
  • name (relay’s logical name)
  • JQL query (filter on issues)
  • time on (how many seconds the lighting system will be flashing)
  • monitored events (issue creation and/or update)
  • user (user used to execute JQL filter)

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Others ideas

We picked this example, but there are a lot of other sensors such as temperature, CO2  oe humidity sensors…

One can imagine many other potential use cases. For example, automatically create an issue if the temperature of the server’s room exceeds a fixed value, or, cook a hot-dog when an issue is resolved…

How about you? How would you connect JIRA to your work environment?

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