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  • Oct.2.2012

JIRA for action plan management

  • Oct.2.2012
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In Quality Management, action plans are associated to events or improvement requests in several domains: major products dysfunctions, security & environment, process audits, risks…

Valiantys recently helped a manufacturing company setup JIRA for action plan management.

Web based tool

Our customer has chosen the 8 DO method to manage his actions plans. They may involve people from any department of the company and from any location.

Thus they need a web tool, available anywhere, with a user-friendly interface for non-technical users who don’t use JIRA often.


These actions plans are divided into actions of several types, depending on the status of the master action plan.

Within JIRA users are guided throughout the workflow to create the relevant action type with a dynamic message.

If they make a mistake, a control mechanism on form submission ensure that the selected issue type is correct.

At the end of the plan, it cannot be closed until all actions have been closed themselves.

Role management

JIRA’s highly customizable permission scheme enables to fit the several roles identified in its organization:

  • Managers: members of the quality department who have full permissions on the process
  • Creators: people who have followed a Quality management training and allowed to create and lead action plans
  • Users: actions of an action plan can be assigned to anyone within the company. People can suggest actions but cannot create action plans.


Valiantys provided custom reports for the several roles of the organization based on the following indicators:

  • Graphical evolution of the number of action plans and actions created the last 12 months
  • Percentage of issues closed for each action plan
  • Pareto graphs on action plans sorted by cause origin
  • Running actions per site, department, user

The PowerReport plugin has been used to generate complex reports on which the corporate layout has been applied.


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