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  • Nov.11.2016

Driving public sector digital transformation with G-cloud

  • Nov.11.2016
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Let’s face it – cloud computing has seen a huge disruption in the way businesses make decisions around information solutions. Cloud represents a major shift in the traditional business IT model, giving companies:

  • Greater choice
  • Easy ability to scale and add storage
  • More empowered, mobile teams
  • Less need for dedicated IT staff
  • More time for IT teams to focus on innovation, rather than maintenance
  • Potentially large cost savings
  • Improved responsiveness to customer needs

It’s little wonder then that cloud uptake has risen dramatically in businesses across sectors – but where does the public sector sit?

Digital transformation in the public sector

It’s no secret that the digital transformation is both a key priority and huge challenge for public sector organisations. As businesses across all sectors race to keep pace with the digisation of essential services like banking and retail, the public sector has often found itself hampered by outdated back-end systems and regulations around procurement when the time does come for new systems to be implemented.

Enter G-cloud

To help public sector organisations move ahead in the drive towards digital, the UK government introduced G-cloud in 2012.

So what’s it all about? The G-cloud initiative helps public sector bodies with cloud IT procurement by providing:

  • A framework of agreements between public sector organisations and suppliers, which enable these organisations to purchase cloud services without running traditional tenders or going through onerous procurement processes.
  • The Digital Marketplace, an area where public sector bodies to search for G-cloud approved services.

Suppliers are carefully evaluated during an extensive tender process, with pre-agreed terms and conditions giving public sector customers essential security and safeguards. What’s more, bypassing traditional procurement processes allows organisations to save time and money – while giving them more freedom to choose the right cloud solution and provider for them.

Valiantys: a leading G-Cloud provider

Here at Valiantys G-Cloud allows us to market Atlassian hosting and a range of services around JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket including support, upgrades, licences and consulting to UK Government entities. We’re happy to provide two categories of services via the G-Cloud framework:


Managed services: Atlassian JIRA

Managed services: Atlassian JIRA Service Desk

Managed services: Atlassian Confluence

Specialist cloud services

Purchasing services: Atlassian licenses

Consultancy: Atlassian cloud

Agile project management

You can find out more here.

We currently work with a number of public sector organisations to help improve their business process with Atlassian tools, and look forward to offering these services to new customers in the public sector!

To find out more about how we’re working with public sector organisations to help unleash the power of their teams, contact us today.

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