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  • Jul.10.2014

Atlassian Enterprise 2.0

  • Jul.10.2014
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Does Atlassian Enterprise sound familiar to you ? If you haven’t gone (yet) on holiday, then maybe did you catch up the fresh news from TechCrunch.

This one won’t hurt: Atlassian has undertaken a transformation to tackle the most challenging concerns from its Enterprise clients. A very nice occasion for Valiantys to deliver some essential explanations so you get a better understanding of this offering.

Atlassian Enterprise

Atlassian Enterprise: à la carte offering

Speaking from experience you would never face the exact same problem when it comes to serve hundreds (eventually thousands) of Atlassian users, especially within a worldwide organization : performance issues, (high) availability, support…

Say goodbye to the ‘Atlassian Enterprise 1.0‘ model which was consistently included when you purchased licences or maintenances for tiers beyond 500 users. From now on, Atlassian adapts its ‘Enterprise’ offering by releasing version 2.0 with à la carte services to address every major requirement from large companies.

So let’s review the benefits of  ‘Enterprise’ new generation.

JIRA Data Center

Do you get shivers while thinking at your JIRA service unavailable for a few minutes ? Perhaps have you already spent some sleepless nights trying to get it urgently back on production ? Do the terms ‘clustering’, ‘load-balancing’ or ‘active-active’ remind you of all the painful discussions you had considering JIRA ?

If you are to answer ‘yes’ to at least one of the questions above, you know this perfectly : only failover (active-passive) architectures were allowed and supported by Atlassian.

Tiny revolution coming up : you will now have the possibility to instantly improve performances and availability thanks to JIRA Data Center as this solution relies on server clusters.

JIRA Data Center is available at $24,000.00 per year, and per tier of 1,000 users.

Confluence Data Center

Just like JIRA, Confluence will also benefit of this offering.

Premier Support

Regarding critical uses of Atlassian, a new ‘premier’ support is available for $35,000.00 a year and including:

  • An Atlassian senior engineers team dedicated to your cause, which will propose warm handoffs, live support and in-depth root-cause analysis
  • A better service availability from Atlassian (compared to traditional support), with stronger SLAs
  • And covering all Atlassian products from your stack, meaning they will know your technical environment by heart so they can be fully involved in your incident resolutions or lead healthchecks remotely

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Atlassian recently introduced its TAM program with US and European staff. Available for $60,000.00 per year, the TAM will follow up closely with you once a week (and once a month on site) to discuss strategic and operational matters, and also to serve as an intermediary between your team and Atlassian.

All of these services can be accessed through Valiantys, and are to be added up to your licensing costs.

A smooth rebranding

Introducing a new version of ‘Atlassian Enterprise’ will have as consequences to rename the user tiers, so no one will get confused.

Former model (JIRA and Confluence) New model (JIRA and Confluence)
10 users 10 users
25 users 25 users
50 users 50 users
100 users 100 users
500 users 500 users
Enterprise 500 users 2000 users
Enterprise 2000 users 10000 users
Enterprise 10000 users 10000+ users
Enterprise 10000+ users (unlimited)


As a reminder, only the 500 users tier could be picked as ‘Standard’ or ‘Enterprise’ according to the former model.

Of course this change also applies to add-ons.

Besides, Atlassian also introduces some brand new names. For instance ‘OnDemand’ becomes ‘Cloud’ and ‘Download’ becomes ‘Server’, so that you better know what you are considering.

Products strictly remain the same, functionally or technically speaking.

Data Center

Why this change ?

This offer confirms once again that Atlassian is moving towards an adaptation of its business model to address big companies’ needs.

Enterprise ExpertOur Atlassian Experts team is at your disposal to share additional explanations and to support you through such changes.



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