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3 reasons to choose Bamboo

A question we get asked regularly is about the difference between Bamboo and Jenkins and more precisely which one is the best tool for continuous integration (CI). To be honest, both are very similar in terms of functionalities and for most cases they are both able to handle the majority of your CI needs. Nevertheless, if you haven’t already chosen one or the other, here are 3 reasons why you should choose Bamboo.

Smooth integration with the Atlassian Software Suite

 Bamboo integration

Atlassian products have a solid reputation regarding their integration with each other. This integration has proven its worth many times and it continues to improve with each release. Want to start a Bamboo build in JIRA? Update a Confluence page after a successful build? Check the status of the latest builds on your JIRA dashboard ? All of this and much more is done effortlessly. The application links provide an excellent of integration without having to install any add-ons and with minimal configuration. If you are already working with other Atlassian products, then Bamboo is the natural CI solution.

Automatic branching

Do your developers use a DVCS ? Do they make use of feature branches all the time? Don’t panic, you are one click away from salvation, natively! In the plan configuration page, simply check the automatic branch management box located in the ‘Branches’ tab and you are done.

Automatically manage your branches

All new branches that are started from the main branch will be automatically associated to a clone of the Bamboo plan of your main branch and will quickly appear in your dashboard a few minutes later. Of course, if you fear your server might be overwhelmed, you also have the possibility to configure the conditions in which this automatic branching happens.

User and Admin interfaces

Atlassian puts a lot of effort in the design of its interfaces and Bamboo is no exception. It might sound like a detail, but the small added benefits and the little frustrations avoided do speak in favor of the tool. It helps with its adoption by the team and the adoption of the overall development workflow.

To sum up

Most CI tools offer the same level of functionality. It is by saving you time on all these menial daily tasks that Bamboo really shows its worth. All the time-savers add up and leave more time for the developers and administrators to perform meaningful tasks.

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